Infineon Enables High-Tech Communication as a Standard Feature in Cars of all Categories

Mar 18, 2002 | Market News

Munich, March 18, 2002 – Infineon Technologies, a leading provider of semiconductors for automotive and communication applications, unveiled a new solution for wireless telecommunication and navigation in automobiles, the Telematics Communications Gateway™ (TCG) reference design. The TCG reference design enables a driver to use wireless applications, such as navigation and location-based information services, e-mail access, and, MP3 file Internet downloads for immediate listening pleasure, all while on the road. The advanced technology in Infineon’s TCG reference design is significantly more cost effective than the individual telematics components found primarily in luxury cars today. Infineon’s integrated TCG design makes telematics affordable for all classes of automobiles – including the mid- and low-range categories.

Mobile, secure and informed

The TCG platform is not only suitable for Internet access, telecommunications and navigation; it can also transmit automatic breakdown and emergency calls. For example, if a hose were to burst in the engine compartment, the vehicle electronics will report the problem to the telematics system; the location of the stranded vehicle is known by the satellite location system, and the breakdown service control center will automatically be contacted. All without action by the vehicle driver or passenger. The service center staff will view the location and type of damage to the vehicle on their computer monitors and is able to dispatch an appropriate recovery team immediately to provide assistance.

A scenario such as this today can be envisioned only for occupants of luxury limousines until now. With this telematics solution, Infineon now enables even owners of low-end cars the enjoyment of entertainment and information services, and, the advantage of additional security when on the road.

Four wins

The TCG system consists of four components, all conceived, developed and implemented at Infineon. At its heart is the TC1920 Infotainment Controller, which made its debut back in fall 2001 and flung open the door to affordable telematics solutions. This 32-bit microcontroller combines high processor performance with all interfaces for navigation, mobile telecommunication and Internet access on a mere square centimeter footprint. It also handles the tasks of three separate chips: the DSP (Digital Signal Processor), the microcontroller and the microprocessor. The three other components in the TCG solution are Infineon’s BlueMoon chip for Bluetooth-enabled device connection, a GPS module for satellite-based positioning, and the GSM/GPRS chipset for mobile communication and wireless Internet access.

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About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions for applications in the wired and wireless communications markets, for security systems and smartcards, for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as memory products. With a global presence, Infineon operates in the US from San Jose, CA, in the Asia-Pacific region from Singapore and in Japan from Tokyo. In the fiscal year 2001 (ending September), the company achieved sales of Euro 5.67 billion with about 33,800 employees worldwide. Infineon is listed on the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX). Further information is available at

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  • Infineon Enables High-Tech Communication as a Standard Feature in Cars of all Categories
    Infineon Enables High-Tech Communication as a Standard Feature in Cars of all Categories
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