Infineon Technologies Introduces Second Generation of Integrated Power ICs - CoolSET F2 Family Enables Design of Simple and Efficient Switched Mode Power Supplies

Jun 19, 2001 | Market News

Munich/Nuremberg, Germany – June 19, 2001 – At the PCIM 2001 show (Nuremberg, 19. - 21. June 2001), Infineon Technologies (NYSE/FSE: IFX), a leading manufacturer of semiconductors for power management and supply, announced its second generation of integrated multi-chip power ICs, designated CoolSET™ F2 family. Like the first CoolSET generation, CoolSET F2 integrates a power MOSFET in CoolMOS technology (MOS = Metal Oxide Semiconductor), which was developed by Infineon Technologies, and a fixed frequent pulse width modulator (PWM) control IC into one 8-pin Dual Inline Plastic (DIP-8) package, of which six pins are active. The CoolSET F2 family offers enhanced protection features and low-power standby.

The products of the CoolSET F2 family have been designed for use in light and cost-efficient power supplies offering optimized efficiency and high reliability. These applications include battery chargers for mobile phones and portable devices, adapters for organizers and digital cameras; printers and fax machines; DVD players and set-top boxes; as well as auxiliary power supplies, which are used in applications such as personal computers or washing machines.

CoolSET F2 products enable manufacturers of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) to develop devices of high reliability and simple design which offer comprehensive protection features for output power ranging from 10 W up to 47 W (VAC (in) = 85 V...265 V) or 60 W (VAC (in) = 190 V...265 V). The on-resistance values RDS (on) of the CoolMOS power MOSFETs, which are the lowest in the industry, allow high-performance SMPS of utmost efficiency offering low power dissipation and reduced footprint. The reduced heat allows SMPS design without conventional heatsinks, as the circuit board’s copper area is sufficient to carry the heat.

“Compared to components produced in standard power MOSFET technology, devices in CoolMOS technology reduce the area-specific resistance RDS (on) by a factor of five“, says Dr. Reinhard Ploss, head of business group Automotive & Industrial at Infineon Technologies. “It is Infineon’s goal to offer intelligent power management and supply solutions which substitute heatsinks in the long term.”

CoolSET F2 solutions are available with drain-source breakdown voltages of both 650 V and 800 V, for output currents of 1 A to 3 A. The primary voltage ranges from 85 V to 265 V.

Using CoolSET F2 products reduces the time-to-market of power supplies corresponding with the European Union’s new power guidelines on improved efficiency in power-packs and adapters particularly in stand-by mode.

Monitoring, Protection and Power-Saving Measures

The CoolSET F2 family incorporates comprehensive monitoring, protection and power-saving measures. These include Current Mode Control with integrated overshoot-minimizing, MOSFET temperature sensing via internal sensors for immediate shutdown by the trigger circuit in case of critical depleting-layer temperature (thermal shutdown), and an integrated “under-voltage lockout“ function (UVL) to prevent destruction of the CoolMOS by incorrect triggering-voltage levels.

An external shunt gives the designer greater flexibility and higher precision in dimensioning the main components of a SMPS. This results in optimized (smaller) transformers and output diodes, and in reduced load on the power semiconductor. A user defined softstart function provides a smooth power-on at startup and auto restart to increase lifetime of the main components of a SMPS (e.g. MOSFET, output diode). An extended pulse duty factor in the CoolMOS triggering signal allows to be used optionally in either Discontinuous Current Mode (DCM) or Continuous Current Mode (CCM). The “Leading Edge Blanking” function, which is also integrated, ensures safe power-on of the CoolSET, both in standard situations and at auto restart, for example after a short-circuit situation on the output side. Additional protection functions are Over Current Protection (OCP), Open Loop Protection (OLP) and Over Voltage Protection (OVP) – all including auto restart. Due to the integration, fewer external components can be used enabling implementation of more compact SMPS designs and lower costs of the whole system.

In addition, the components of the new CoolSET F2 generation allow the standby power to be reduced to less than 300 mW (for 40 W applications) in so-called “no load condition“, that is with 0 W output power. This is achieved by lowering the frequency gradually as the load on the output decreases. An applied burst mode allows even further reduction of standby power. This energy-saving concept (frequency reduction and applied burst mode) has been implemented without an additional connection pin, and with no external wiring.

Development Support, Prices and Availability

The CoolSET F2 evaluation package contains application documentation, samples, data sheet, demo-board, demo-board description, Excel-based PC calculation software, and PSpice models.

The CoolSET F2 family derivatives ICE 2A165, ICE 2A265, ICE 2A365, and ICE 2A280 are available in sample quantities. In quantities of 10,000, the component ICE 2A365 (47 W maximum output power at 85 V...265 V primary voltage), for example, is priced at Euro 0.95.

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  • Infineon Technologies' new CoolSET F2 family: Power MOSFET and PWM Control IC on a single chip for easy and efficient SPS design up to 60 W.
    Infineon Technologies' new CoolSET F2 family: Power MOSFET and PWM Control IC on a single chip for easy and efficient SPS design up to 60 W.
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