Infineon Technologies Announces Availability of Low Profile DRAM Modules

Aug 27, 2001 | Market News

Munich, Germany – August 27, 2001 – Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced sample availability of its registered SDRAM and DDR Low Profile Modules, with a reduced height specification of 1.2 inches. Designed specifically for use in rack-mountable 1U (1.75-inch chassis height) Internet servers, the new “Low Profile DIMMs” (Dual Inline Memory Modules) product families are offered in a variety of densities, speed versions and operating modes.

With the rapid adoption of 1U thin server rack applications, market requirements for low-profile registered DIMMs are growing rapidly. In 1U servers, the reduced height of the system casing does not allow for the usual vertical mounting of DRAM modules in their sockets. This forces designers to use full-height (1.7- or 1.75-inch) registered DIMMs using special slanted sockets, which greatly increase board space consumption and reduce air flow options for critical system cooling. By reducing the module height to 1.2 inches, standard vertical DIMM sockets can be used. This frees up board space resulting in improved cooling, higher reliability and the potential for more available DIMM sockets.

All of Infineon’s 1.2-inch Low Profile DIMMs are 100 percent compatible with the company’s existing 1.7-inch height Registered DIMMs. This enables customers to populate all types of Server Chassis with a single height specification DIMM, thereby reducing inventory costs.

Recognizing the importance of the new DIMM form factor to the server industry, the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) has issued an industry standard for low-profile registered PC133 SDRAM DIMMs with ECC (Error Checking and Correction). Infineon’s PC133 Low Profile DIMMs are fully compliant with this new standard.

“With the new Low Profile DIMM family, Infineon completes its module portfolio for the server market,” said Axel Hahn, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Infineon’s Memory Product Division. “We can offer server manufacturers one-stop shopping for the complete range of system memory requirements, from server appliances to very high end mainframe-class systems.”

“Intel continues to grow its strong presence in the front-end server platform market,” said Rick Skett, Director of Marketing for Intel's Enterprise Platforms and Services Division. “Intel works closely with Infineon and other major industry players to deliver high-performance, scalable building blocks at affordable prices to its customers.”

Industry pundits are strongly upbeat about the growth potential of the server appliances market.

"Infineon’s new Low Profile DIMMs offer an improved memory solution to the thermal environment of high-capacity rack-mountable servers, a market that is projected to increase at a rate of 40% to 50% through 2004, " said Victor de Dios of De Dios & Associates, a DRAM market advisory firm located in Newark, California. "The Low Profile DIMMs are evidence of the continuing proliferation of DRAM solutions to meet specific application needs."


Infineon’s portfolio of PC133 SDRAM Low Profile DIMMs, ranging from 128 Mbytes to 1Gbyte, are sampling now, with production scheduled for Q4 of 2001. Samples of the DDR versions of the Low Profile DIMMs are available in PC1600 and PC2100 speed grades, in 256 Mbyte, 512 Mbyte and 1 Gbyte capacities. Samples of the 128-Mbyte Low Profile DDR DIMMs are scheduled for Q4 of 2001.

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