Infineon's Titan 19244, the World's First Single Chip 40G Quad STS-192 Framer and Pointer Processor

Oct 1, 2001 | Market News

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 1, 2001 – Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX), a leading supplier of communications ICs and fiber optics components, today announced details of the world’s first single chip quad STS-192 framer and pointer processor device for next generation SONET/SDH communication systems. Called Titan 19244, the device is part of a family of products based on Infineon’s recently announced 40 Gbps framer-mapper technology. Together with the company’s leading OC-192 transponder, Titan 19244 offers a system level solution with unmatched integration and feature rich functionality to address high-density line card applications (see figure 1) for the 10 Gbps and emerging 40Gbps markets.

“With Titan 19244, optical transport system manufacturers can swiftly implement leading edge systems such as Dense Wave Division Multiplexers, Add Drop Multiplexers and Digital Cross Connects in the long haul and metro areas while significantly reducing costs and shortening their time-to-market,” said Jack Basi vice president of marketing for Infineon’s WAN Business Unit. “Titan 19244 delivers high integration, low power consumption, and small footprint, all of which are vital for the creation of next-generation high channel count STS-192 and evolving STS-768 systems.”

Titan 19244 Quad STS-192

Infineon’s Titan 19244 is a highly integrated single chip quad-port STS-192 SONET/SDH framer and pointer processor device. It supports pointer processing at STS-1 granularity for all four ports, an industry first. Furthermore, this feature also scales to STS-768 for 40Gbps applications. Titan 19244 supports both standard and non-standard concatenation levels such as STS-3c, STS-6c, STS-9c, etc. The chip also supports termination and generation of TOH bytes such as DCC and EDCC bytes for digital communications between network nodes. For high-speed I/Os, it also supports four 10Gbps (each channel at 16-bits @ 622Mbps) channels on the line side while outputting four STS-192 SONET links on the system side. Both the line and system side interfaces are compliant with the OIF SFI-4 standard. As a result, the Titan 19244 can seamlessly interface with Infineon OC-192 transponders as shown in figure 1.

Titan 19244 provides extensive performance, alarm, and error monitoring features such as POH (B3/J1/G1/C2) monitoring, line and system side loop-back support, and detection of defects and failures (AISP, LOC, LOF, LOP, LOS, and SEF). In addition, Titan 19244 supports a high-speed microprocessor interface for configuration and monitoring. Please see figure 2 for more detailed information.

Pricing and Availability

Titan 19244 is scheduled for volume production in the first half of 2002. It comes in a flip-chip BGA package with 1413 pins and will be priced at US$2590.

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions for applications in the wired and wireless communications markets, for security systems and smartcards, for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as memory products. With a global presence, Infineon operates in the US from San Jose, CA, in the Asia-Pacific region from Singapore and in Japan from Tokyo. In the fiscal year 2000 (ending September), the company achieved sales of Euro 7.28 billion with about 29,000 employees worldwide. Infineon is listed on the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX). Further information is available at

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  • Titan 19244 Overview
    Titan 19244 Overview
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    A Quad Port Digital Cross Connect Application
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