Infineon's new VINETIC Family Drives Integration of Voice in Packet Based Telecommunication Networks to New Heights

Nov 28, 2001 | Market News

Munich, DSLCon Europe, November 28, 2001 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE, NYSE: IFX) a leading provider of integrated circuits for advanced communications systems today announced a new family of telephony chips for next generation packet based telecommunication networks. VINETIC (Voice and InterNet Enhanced Telephony Interface Circuit) is the first telephony chipset family that integrates a full-powered DSP directly into the codec/SLIC, thereby offering a unique set of features for Voice over Packet (VoDSL, VoATM, VoIP) applications. Offering various levels of DSP performance and integrated RAM, the VINETIC family is targeted at Customer Premises Equipment, like Integrated Access Devices (IAD), Cable Modem or Residential Gateways, and Next Generation Access Network Linecards for POTS, ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, APON, EPON and CVoDSL.

“Offering both flexibility and scalability, the VINETIC devices are optimally suited for today’s steadily growing Voice over Packet (VoP) market, enabling system providers to easily match chip performance to their specific needs and offer new convergence solutions” said Christian Wolff, Vice President of Infineon’s Communications Group and General Manager of the Access Business Unit. “Furthermore, the new family of Codecs uses Infineon’s well-known and proven SLIC devices, making migration to the full-featured VINETIC smooth and simple. No changes to the design of the analog front-end are required, leading to a significant savings in development cost.”

The different members of the VINETIC family provide all features required for both IP and ATM based packet voice transmission. The key features include line echo cancellation of up to 128 ms, voice processing compliant to G.711, G.726/7, G.723.1, G.729 and G.728, fax relay and jitter buffer handling. All analog functions are performed with a minimum of external components and no relays thereby allowing cost efficient and reduced board space solutions.


The VINETIC family includes 2, 4 and 8 voice channel codec devices with different levels of DSP performance and integrated SRAM required for voice processing, all providing the same hardware and software interfacing.


Quad/octal voice channels; includes full-powered DSP for all VoP applications with simultaneous support of all vocoders, fax-relay and far-end echo cancellation.


Quad/octal voice channels, reduced DSP power and smaller SRAM, targeting cost-sensitive applications where ADPCM Compression and 16ms echo cancellation is appropriate.


Stand-alone voice processor, DSP only version, no integrated codecs; for ISDN, xDSL and Channelized VoDSL applications where no codec/SLICs are required.

The analog POTS interface offers fully programmable impedance and transhybrid matching, gain adjustments, programmable feeding current, off-hook detection, balanced and unbalanced ring generation, ring-trip detection, metering pulse generation, and line testing.

Pricing and Availability

Engineering samples of the new devices will be available together with evaluation boards and reference designs with control software, coefficient calculation software, and a complete suite of firmware early 2002.

All VINETIC devices will be delivered with a complete set of firmware functions running on the incorporated DSP and a software platform called TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) running on the host controller. Both are free of charge. Further Infineon offers the possibility to obtain patent indemnification for the low-bitrate vocoders G.723.1, G.728 and G.729.

The VINETIC chipset prices include both codec and SLIC and start from US $4,50 per line for medium quantities. For further documentation on the VINETIC family, please visit us at

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions for applications in the wired and wireless communications markets, for security systems and smartcards, for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as memory products. With a global presence, Infineon operates in the US from San Jose, CA, in the Asia-Pacific region from Singapore and in Japan from Tokyo. In the fiscal year 2001 (ending September), the company achieved sales of Euro 5.67 billion with about 33,800 employees worldwide. Infineon is listed on the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX). Further information is available at

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  • Infineon`s new VINETIC? Family Drives Integration of Voice in Packet Based Telecommunication Networks to New Heights
    Infineon`s new VINETIC? Family Drives Integration of Voice in Packet Based Telecommunication Networks to New Heights
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