Infineon Introduces Cost Competitive ATM Single-mode Line Card Device for E1/T1 Applications

Jun 5, 2000 | Market News

Munich, June 5, 2000 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced its IWE8 PXB 4219, a single-mode full-duplex ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), packetizer/depacketizer for E1/T1 lines. Acting as a gateway between Plesiosynchronous Data Hierarchy (PDH) time-slot networks and broadband ATM networks that support Internet traffic, the PXB 4219 can save up to one-third system costs for network operators requiring only ATM links defined in ITU-T G.804 protocol.

The launch of the single-mode device broadens Infineon’s extensive range of IWE8 devices used in asynchronous transfer mode chipsets. The other members of the ATM chipset family, the PXB4220 and PXB4221, support both CES (Circuit Emulation Service) and ATM cell mapping in line cards. This multiservice device family enables access, digital loop carrier and wireless network operators to carry voice, video and data services over ATM networks.

“Our broad portfolio of ATM solutions allows our customers to develop next generation cost-competitive high-performance solutions that compete in the explosive enterprise and Internet bandwidth market,” said Klaus Luecke, vice president of datacom products for Infineon Technologies. “The IWE8 family and the new PXB 4219 at the physical layer provide a glue-less interface to Infineon’s family of frame and line components.”

The device implements all Transmission Convergence (TC) sublayer functions of the Physical Layer (PHY) defined in ITU-T I.432 and can be connected to Infineon's ATM chipset - for example, the ATM Buffer Manager (PXB 4330 E) - via its UTOPIA level 2 interface.

The IWE8 PXB 4219 offers full duplex ATM packetizer/depacketizer functions for eight E1/T1 highways and B-ISDN User-Network Interface. It also features eight generic framer interfaces with integrated transmit clock selector, supporting Generic Interface Mode (GIM), FALC Mode (FAM), and Synchronous Mode (SYM), the UTOPIA industry standard interface and built-in data path loops for test.

The new ATM device runs on a 3.3 V power supply with 5 V tolerant inputs and typical power dissipation of 1 W; is delivered in a P-BGA-256 package and withstands temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to 85 degrees Centigrade.

The device is priced at 39$ per piece in 10,000 quantities. Samples are slated to be available by July with full production scheduled for September.

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