Energy, Mobility and IoT

Driving decarbonization and digitalization. Together.

Semiconductors are crucial to solve the energy challenges of our time and shape the digital transformation. This is why Infineon is committed to actively driving decarbonization and digitalization. As a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT, we enable game-changing solutions for green and efficient energy, clean and safe mobility, as well as smart and secure IoT.

We make life easier, safer, and greener. Together with our customers and partners. For a better tomorrow. 

Semiconductor solutions from Infineon are driving decarbonization and digitalization. Do you want to learn more about how? Discover, the impact of microelectronics in making green energy happen, by optimizing energy efficiency along the entire electrical energy conversion chain, from generation and transmission to storage and consumption. Or learn more about our semiconductor solutions shaping the future of mobility, by making it clean, safe and smart. Finally, as part of digitalization, IoT systems help us tackling the major challenges of our time. Infineon makes the IoT work, by enabling  smart IoT solutions based on enhanced technological capabilities. Find answers to some of the most pressing questions of our time.



Discover, how our Infineon’s semiconductor solutions drive development in each of the focus areas.