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Infineon conducts webinars related to our key segments industrial, automotive and security.

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How to achieve trusted wireless charging?

Find out in our webinar on 29th July, 3 pm CEST and learn more about the security requirements of the Qi standard and how Infineon supports manufacturers in meeting these security requirements.

When? 29 July 2021, 3:00 pm CEST

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From A to Z: Deep dive into USB-C chargers and adapters

Join our expert Lay LV (Senior Application Marketing Manager) in this webinar to keep up with the latest charging trends at a competitive cost. No matter whether price/performance, ultrahigh power density or highest efficiency is your priority, you will discover how to make the right choice!

Key takeaways:

  • Key topologies for different power and efficiency levels
  • Most important design considerations
  • Tips about how to choose the right topology for your needs
  • Infineon’s related product / demo board offering incl. ref-designs

When? 31 August 2021, 11:00 am CEST

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Reach ~99% efficiency in your PFC stage

Si-based CoolMOSTM CCM totem pole PFC

Learn how to enable usage of Si SJ MOSFETs in a CCM totem pole PFC and reach close to 99% peak efficiency in your PFC stage! Listen to our experts Tamara Fallosch and Rafael Antonio Garcia Mora: they will talk about market trends in industrial SMPS applications and how they are best addressed by using a CCM totem pole PFC topology.

Key takeaways:

  • Si SJ MOSFETs usage in CC totem pole PFC
  • Solution positioning over other PFC topologies
  • Infineon´s related products / demo boards 
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Gear up for the next generation of smart speaker designs with Infineon's comprehensive smart speaker portfolio

We will guide you through the smart speaker application segment, discuss market trends and innovative use cases, such as vital sensing and presence detection. We will provide insights on how the Infineon product portfolio can address the major functional blocks and address design challenges.

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Solutions for Smart, Safe, High Performance Wireless Charging

Wireless power transfer is not a trivial endeavor. Customers want more spatial freedom and higher power ratings. OEMs want smaller form factors, high efficiencies, a certified and safe product, good heat management, and, last but not least, low cost. All this makes engineering devices for wireless charging more challenging.

In this webinar you will learn what is needed to meet the expectations and develop safe and efficient wireless charging designs at fastest speed, maximum convenience, and without security leaks.

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All webinars at a glance

The webinars are all free of charge and are held in English. In about 60 minutes, some selected experts will guide you through specific topics and answer your questions in a Q&A session.