We keep serving our customers – even under challenging circumstances

Find out how Infineon manages COVID-19

Mastering the Coronavirus challenge

Currently we are all facing an exceptional situation due to the Corona virus. Limiting the spread and impact of Covid-19 has absolute priority for Infineon. We will do the utmost to protect our people and to keep the business stable.

With regard to the economic reconstruction after the pandemic, we are calling for much greater promotion of the digital transformation. Implementing measures such as the rapid rollout of 5G or the enhanced dissemination of IT basics to schools and universities can strengthen our economy and society and make them less susceptible to future crisis. Read more!

How we successfully tackle this crisis


Since the beginning of the outbreak, Infineon Technologies AG and its regional entities have initiated or joined 22 initiatives totaling around €570,000 to mitigate consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and support people locally.


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Infineon Business Continuity Planning (BCP) ensures: compliance, processes, tools and support

It is important to acknowledge that Infineon has successfully dealt with past crises in its history and is prepared to tackle this one as well. We are focusing our efforts in 5 key areas, namely protecting customers, managing production, safeguarding supply chain, protecting employees, and ensuring financial health.  

  • Protect people and assets
  • Ensure continuity of supply chain under adverse conditions
  • Mitigate the impact of unforeseen business interruption
  • Reduce the time needed to recover to original capacity
  • Support customer requirements

Infineon's focus on 5 key areas to ensure protection and stability


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