Think Automotive Dependability. Think Infineon.
Dependability is key for automated driving. We deliver dependable electronics which enable systems that are the foundation for trust.

Dependability is the key driver for the megatrend towards autonomous driving

Dependability is the key driver for the megatrend towards autonomous driving

The future car is fully connected and always online. It is all-electric and autonomous. To make this a reality, it takes both – technology and trust.

All levels of automated driving, but especially higher levels such as Level 3, 4, 5, require the driver‘s and passengers’ trust for its adoption. Car occupants and other road users need to trust in cars that enable safe and flawless automated driving in any environment, regardless of the roads’ type and condition, the weather or the age of the car. They also want to trust in the fact that automated cars are secure.

Especially, higher levels of automated driving systems are the basis for trust only if they feature high availability of safety and cybersecurity. Only then will they be perceived as “dependable” – and thus be fully trusted.

Dependable electronics enable systems that are the foundation for trust

The key to the successful combination of both technology and trust, is dependable electronics.

So what is it that distinguishes Infineon’s dependable electronics? Quite simply:

We offer innovative top-quality semiconductors and semiconductor solutions combined with broad system knowledge. As your trusted partner for premium products and services, we understand the dependability system requirements of robustness, reliability, availability, safety, and security as well as the added value of operational excellence.

Infineon is Automotive Dependability

Infineon’s dependable electronics are built on a zero defect automotive quality mindset, which results in the high reliability and robustness of our semiconductors. They also incorporate a holistic Functional Safety approach enabling highly available fail-operational systems that meet the requirements of functional safety in accordance with ISO26262. Furthermore, our dependable electronics leverage a deeply embedded broad system knowledge. We add extensive cybersecurity expertise that integrates our scalable product portfolio and a vast security system know-how.

All these ingredients of our dependable electronics enable a dependable, robust, safe and secure system that operates in all conditions. Our dependable electronics product portfolio provides sensorsmicrocontrollersmemory solutionspower electronicsvehicle communications  and power supply ICs.

So if you want to rely on a trusted partner offering all relevant ingredients for your dependable systems – automotive quality, Functional Safety, cybersecurity, innovative products, system understanding, operational excellence – then you need Infineon and Infineon automotive dependability.

As the number one partner in the automotive industry, we shape the future of mobility making cars clean, safe and smart – through dependable electronics that enable systems that are the foundation for trust.

Think Automotive Dependability. Think Infineon