Ventures News: RiverOne Releases INTERACTIVE 5.4 with Added Support for Replenishment Programs

23.01.2003 | Wirtschaftspresse

Westlake Village, Calif. — January 23, 2003 — RiverOne Inc., which provides supply chain software and services for manufacturers to control all supply chain operations, announced today the release of INTERACTIVE 5.4. INTERACTIVE is the industry's first Supply Chain Control System with integrated connectivity, planning, execution and exception management capabilities. INTERACTIVE 5.4 features newly added demand and supply balancing capabilities to manage replenishment programs, improved support for RosettaNet through tighter integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server and the BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet, enhanced flexibility for procurement automation, as well as numerous other customer-driven product enhancements.

The demand and supply balancing capabilities available in INTERACTIVE 5.4 provide users the ability to manage, analyze and validate replenishment program performance. Utilizing real-time transactional data including orders, inventory levels and forecasts, the demand and supply balancing functionality allows users to view projected inventory balances over a user-specified time horizon to quickly identify any shortage and overage conditions. Based on this information, users are able to optimize replenishment programs utilizing system- recommended replenishment levels. By providing the ability to track program performance in real-time and view and model optimal levels, the demand and supply balancing capabilities allow users to greatly improve replenishment program performance and service levels.

"Today many companies are engaged in replenishment programs like vendor managed inventory," said Chris Smith, Executive Vice President of RiverOne. "However, few have tools, solutions or practices to implement an advanced replenishment program efficiently. We constantly strive to stay on top and ahead of the needs of our customers. Demand and supply balancing is an example of an innovation that will greatly improve our customers' ability to track, analyze and improve replenishment program performance."

In addition to the other new features, RiverOne implemented Microsoft BizTalk in the latest version of INTERACTIVE. With this addition, INTERACTIVE provides further support for RosettaNet and improved management of complex signals. With INTERACTIVE 5.4, customers are able to quickly connect and transact with trading partners regardless of signals, standards or protocols.

"RiverOne's growing community of companies in the high-tech space will greatly benefit from the integration capabilities within Microsoft BizTalk Server, which RiverOne is taking advantage of with its solutions offering,” said Don Richardson, director of Manufacturing Industry Solutions at Microsoft. “INTERACTIVE software combined with Microsoft technology reduces complexity and creates powerful supply chain solutions."

Using XML, SOAP and other core Internet transports and protocols, BizTalk Server unites enterprise application integration (EAI), business-to-business (B2B) and business process management technology in a single product to allow companies to easily orchestrate Web services and rapidly build dynamic business processes that span applications, platforms and businesses.

"The release of INTERACTIVE 5.4 demonstrates our ability to rapidly innovate and deliver product enhancements for the benefit of customers," said Joshua Clark, vice president of products for RiverOne. "INTERACTIVE 5.4 includes new features and improvements that will greatly improve our customers' supply chain performance and efficiency."

RiverOne INTERACTIVE software is offered in the customer's choice of a hosted (ASP) or licensed model.

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RiverOne provides supply chain management software and services for manufacturers to control processes between customers and suppliers. Customers realize immediate value by deploying the industry’s only complete Supply Chain Control System with integrated connectivity, planning, execution, metrics and exception management capabilities. RiverOne customers have complete control over all customer and supplier interactions including demand management, Multi-Site Fulfillment & Replenishment, sales and operations planning, material co-planning and automated procurement, resulting in dramatic improvements in fulfillment performance, procurement efficiency and inventory control.

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