Ventures News: MediaQ Boosts Multimedia Performance in NEC Infrontia Pocket@i PDA

23.04.2003 | Wirtschaftspresse

MQ-1168 Controller Delivers Graphics Acceleration, Video Playback, Power Savings

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 23, 2003 - MediaQ, Inc. today announced that NEC Infrontia Corporation selected the MQ-1168TM Multimedia Platform Controller as a key component in the new Pocket@i PDA. The Pocket@i combines wireless voice and data communications to satisfy the requirements of business users. The high-performance MQ-1168 handles multimedia functions, screen display, and peripheral connections, enhancing the end-user experience with enterprise applications.

Aimed primarily at business use, NEC Infrontia's Pocket@i integrates the functions of a traditional PDA and mobile phone with support for laser scanners for reading bar codes, and wireless headsets. Some Pocket@i models are designed to be used for ordering or inventory control systems in the distribution and retail industries.

The MQ-1168 controls a 3.5-inch transflective-TFT color screen with support for 240x320 resolution and 65k colors. Most drawing functions are hardware accelerated by a 64-bit 2D graphics engine that supports the 256 Raster Operations as defined by Microsoft. MQ-1168 also makes video capture and playback a reality with built-in video input module, dedicated 8-bit video input port, and StretchBLT video engine.

"Successfully running complex business applications on handheld devices requires displaying vivid graphics, handling audio and video, and integrating multiple peripherals," said Mr.Satoshi Narita, General Manager of Web Terminal Division at NEC Infrontia. "MediaQ MQ-1168 controls all of these functions with higher performance and lower power consumption than any other available solution."

"The MQ-1168 gives NEC Infrontia the design and manufacturing flexibility needed to differentiate the Pocket@i series from competitive handheld devices," said Venkat Puntambekar, director of product marketing at MediaQ Inc. "Using this single multimedia platform controller, NEC Infrontia was able to develop three different models of Pocket@i, each of which is ideally suited to a particular set of business applications."

MediaQ MQ-1168 Multimedia Platform Controller

The MQ-1168 Multimedia Platform Controller combines true multimedia capabilities, low power consumption, and a rich set of peripherals interfaces for connectivity and storage. End users of PDAs, smart phones, and other mobile devices benefit from fast system performance, high-quality audio and video playback, and extended battery life. To further enhance multimedia performance, MQ-1168 features dedicated hardware engines to accelerate video and graphics functions in small footprint, battery-operated devices.

Through intelligent integration of interfaces, the MQ-1168 controls a significant portion of system functions, thus reducing overall cost. Integrated peripheral interfaces on MQ-1168 include dedicated 8-bit video input port; high-speed Secure Digital (SD) memory card interface; OHCI 1.1 compliant USB host, USB device ports; full-duplex AC-97/I2S Audio Codec interface; and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

About NEC Infrontia Corporation

Since its foundation in 1918, NEC Infrontia has dedicated itself to the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and the development of leading- edge technologies in the field of telecommunications. With approximately 3,600 employees, NEC Infrontia has established a global market as a result of aggressive involvement in overseas activities from an early stage.

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