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02.09.2003 | Wirtschaftspresse

Remote service and support system enables companies to substantially reduce service operation costs by allowing them to remotely connect to and service their equipment anywhere in the world.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT-September 2, 2003-emWare®, the leading provider of Remote Device Management (RDM) solutions, today announced the availability of the DeviceView Service. The DeviceView Service is an enterprise RDM system that will dramatically reduce remote equipment service costs by allowing companies to easily and cost-effectively manage their equipment anywhere in the world. emWare also announced the availability of its 90-Day DeviceView Pilot Program for companies interested in making an immediate impact on service revenue in just two weeks.

The DeviceView Service consists of an enterprise database, messaging and routing system, serial-based communication modules provided by leading third-party hardware suppliers, and an intuitive Web-based service management application. Serial-based devices and equipment located in the field that are connected to DeviceView-enabled communication modules can contact the DeviceView Service via Ethernet, modem or wireless GSM/GPRS networks to exchange relevant device information. This data is then stored in the database for later retrieval using DeviceView's Web-based enterprise service management application. Service technicians can access this information to determine the operational status of the remote equipment and take appropriate action if the equipment falls outside acceptable levels of operation. The DeviceView Service also continuously monitors this information and can notify the appropriate personnel when an alert condition exists on their equipment.

According to John C. William, managing director of the FocalPoint Group, LLC, "Service organizations are increasingly faced with aging field assets, higher labor and transportation costs, and more demanding customer environments. These organizations need simplified, enterprise-level applications that allow for remote asset monitoring." Williams added "emWare's DeviceView Service provides the means to connect field support staff with device history and real-time information, enabling field operations to achieve wide-spread optimization."

With emWare's DeviceView Service, companies can easily deploy an enterprise-level, remote equipment management solution without incurring the typical hundreds of thousands of dollars in development time and implementation costs. With communication hardware costs ranging from $49-$250 per communication module, and monthly service fees ranging from $3-$5 per device, companies can begin to immediately realize the benefits of advanced remote equipment management. emWare is also offering a low-cost, limited-time, 90-Day Pilot Program in which emWare will enable a company's device for remote service and management in just two weeks of receipt of their device protocol definition and test hardware.

Reducing Service Costs with emWare's DeviceView Service
emWare's DeviceView Service provides immediate and long-range benefits to a company's service operations. The DeviceView Service provides a company's service department with information that will help them:

Know the status and operating conditions of remote equipment in the field
Predict failures of remote equipment before they occur
Know the exact problem and part requirements of remote equipment prior to dispatching a service technician
Fix the equipment over the Web without ever dispatching a service technician

"The primary goal of the DeviceView Service is to provide companies with an immediate enterprise solution that is powerful, yet affordable and easy to use. The DeviceView Service is a complete, end-to-end solution that alleviates the need for companies to create their own expensive solutions that take a long time to bring to market," said Michael D. Nelson, CEO and Co-Founder of emWare, Inc. Nelson also added "Based on the customer feedback we have received thus far, The DeviceView Service is delivering what companies have been looking for for a very long time."

Overview of DeviceView Features

emWare's DeviceView Service eliminates the cost and burden for companies wishing to build and maintain a remote equipment management system. Because there is no development or device integration required on the customer's side, companies can seamlessly connect their remote equipment to the DeviceView Service and immediately benefit from servicing their remote equipment. With emWare's DeviceView Service, companies are provided with:

Standards-based Technology-The DeviceView Service supports industry standards such as Java, XML, WSDL, UDDI, HTTPS and J2EE, making it the most flexible, secure and fault-tolerant remote device management system available.

Protocol Conversion-emWare provides seamless protocol translation for device-specific protocols. New or legacy devices running proprietary or standard protocols can be remotely monitored, diagnosed and controlled from anywhere in the world via a Web browser Firewall-Friendly Communications-The DeviceView Service enables secure and transparent communications between remote equipment through standard TCP/IP ports, even though they may be located behind a corporate firewall or on different physical networks.
Connectivity to Legacy Devices-The DeviceView Service adds remote communications to legacy devices and equipment equipped with RS232 or RS485 serial ports, without making any changes to the device hardware or firmware.

Intuitive Web-based User Interface-The DeviceView application serves as an entry portal for users to set up and configure their devices, establish communications with their devices and then manage from anywhere using a Web browser. emWare also provides the tools and consulting services for users to build custom user interfaces or to integrate their existing service application with the DeviceView Service.

High-level Security-The DeviceView Service uses the Advance Encryption Standard (AES) and HTTPS, which are among the highest standards for device-to-computer security in the industry.
emWare's Limited-Time 90-Day DeviceView Pilot Program
To reduce the barriers common to deploying an enterprise-level remote service management system, emWare is offering customers its 90-Day Pilot Program for a limited time. The 90-Day Pilot Program includes 90 days of access to the DeviceView Service; Protocol conversion services for a customer's specific protocol; Ten communication modules provided by industry-leading hardware providers; and the ability to send and receive messages to and from the customer's equipment or devices. The pilot environment is provided to the customer within two weeks of receipt of the protocol specification and test hardware, and costs $5,000 USD. Post-pilot connection fees range from $3-$5 per device, per month to manage remote equipment and devices. Customers in wide range of industries, such as agriculture and construction, transportation, food service, industrial lasers, municipal water treatment and enterprise uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are currently participating in emWare's 90-Day DeviceView Pilot Program.

Pricing and Availability
For more information about emWare or the DeviceView Service, please call toll-free 877-436-9273 in the United States, or +49 89 42 00198-4 in Europe, or visit or

About emWare, Inc.
emWare makes it fast, easy and affordable to add Remote Device Management (RDM) capabilities to electronic devices, helping companies dramatically lower their service costs by allowing them to connect to and manage their remote equipment from anywhere in the world. emWare founded the ETI Alliance(tm)-a group of leading technology and service companies that are extending the Internet to everyday devices. Established in May 1996, emWare is a private company with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and an office in Munich, Germany. For more information about emWare please visit

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