Ventures News: emWare Eliminates Key Barrier to Adding Remote Management Capabilities to Devices Located Behind Corporate Firewalls

18.11.2002 | Wirtschaftspresse

Firewall Bridging Service addresses corporate IT’s firewall concerns, while helping companies to significantly reduce their remote service costs

Salt Lake City, Utah — Nov 18, 2002— emWare®, the leading provider of remote device management solutions, today announced the release of its Firewall Bridging Service (FBS). The FBS is an add-on product to the Object Access Server (OAS) software, which is Java-based server software that supports all of the components of emWare’s EMIT® for Distributed Objects framework by providing a series of critical network services. The FBS lets device manufacturers and service providers remotely manage, diagnose and service Internet-enabled devices that are located behind corporate firewalls. Now, companies that manufacture and service a broad range of products, such as generators, medical imaging equipment or industrial controls have a simple, secure solution for remotely managing their devices. These remote management capabilities can help companies to significantly reduce their remote service costs and improve their customer satisfaction.

“Companies today pay anywhere from $100 to $400 per truck-roll for local and regional service calls and more than $1,000 for national and international service calls,” said Ian Barkin, senior research analyst with Harbor Research. “In an effort to combat high service costs, companies are turning to remote management and diagnostics of their devices. Before companies can transition to a remote management and servicing model, they must establish a way to communicate with their devices without disrupting their customers’ firewalls. emWare’s Firewall Bridging Service addresses this issue simply, securely and cost-effectively.”

The FBS uses standards-based Web services technology based on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) data transfer protocol bound with HTTP or HTTPS. This service enables transparent and secure communication between devices, clients and Object Access Servers through standard TCP/IP ports even though they are located behind separate corporate firewalls and on different physical networks. For companies that are using Port 80 for HTTP traffic or Port 443 for HTTPS traffic, no special firewall configuration is required and corporate security standards are not compromised.

“One approach to managing remote devices through firewalls is to ask the IT department to open non-standard ports for device communication. IT departments are understandably hesitant to expose their firewall to the outside world,” said Todd Rytting, senior vice president of engineering for emWare. “Our Firewall Bridging Service ensures developers can create a firewall-friendly solution that uses standard technologies for communicating through corporate firewalls.”

Pricing & Availability

The FBS is available today for $249 US. This service provides a complete development environment, including the Firewall Bridging software and the software and licenses for two Object Access Servers (one for each side of the firewall). Customers may purchase this service online at or by calling emWare toll-free at 1-877-436-9273. For more information, e-mail or visit

About Remote Device Management

Several technology innovations, including device networking and Web services, are converging today to enable Remote Device Management. Remote Device Management is a new approach that helps companies add intelligence to their smart devices by automating routine functions that use remote diagnostics, self-healing and self-optimizing techniques, while passing highly relevant real-time data back to the enterprise. Remote Device Management enables intelligent devices to become self-aware and self-regulating, thereby becoming capable of running and healing themselves, adjusting to varying circumstances and preparing their resources to handle their workload most efficiently. By deploying this technology into real-world solutions, companies can reduce service costs up to 75% and introduce new revenue opportunities based on products and services that use the newly available device data.

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emWare makes it fast, easy and affordable to add remote device management capabilities to electronic devices, helping companies be more competitive by enabling them to deliver a new generation of smart products that increase profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. emWare’s remote device management solution includes EMIT software and hosted emConnect™ device management services that enable companies to remotely connect, monitor, control and diagnose intelligent devices. emWare founded the ETI Alliance™—a group of leading technology and service companies that are extending the Internet to everyday devices. Established in May 1996, emWare is a private company with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and an office in Munich, Germany. For more information about emWare please visit Press can find emWare announcements and company information at

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