Allwell Selects Jungo's Software Platform for its Full-Featured Gateway for Broadband Residential and SOHO Customers

14.05.2002 | Wirtschaftspresse

An Easy to Manage, Secure Gateway for Seamless Broadband Internet Access from the Home

San Jose, Calif., May 14, 2002 - GCT-Allwell Technology, a leading Set Top Box manufacturer, today announced the launch of a next-generation DSL/Cable broadband gateway powered by OpenRG, a software platform developed by Jungo Software Technologies, a premier provider of residential gateway software and technologies. Driven by Jungo's OpenRG software solution, the Allwell plug-and-play residential gateway is a dynamic, feature-rich device that packs in a comprehensive and robust security package, protecting multiple users sharing the same home or small office network. The gateway also offers advanced VPN functionality that supports all the leading protocols and enables telecommuters to securely access their corporate LANs from remote locations. The complete system is powered by National Semiconductor's award winning high performance, low power consumption Geode processor, designed specifically to power information appliances.

The Allwell residential gateway is a cost effective device designed with the end user in mind, and delivers a suite of highly integrated applications and value added services for the home and small office. The simple-to-install plug and play home gateway offers an easy and rapid set up for immediate and secure access to the Internet. The intuitive web based interface provides comprehensive management for the novice user and scales up for the delivery of more sophisticated capabilities for advanced users. The Allwell gateway offers an advanced and complete security suite that includes a robust Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall (SPI), and other security features. This compelling security package protects PCs on the network against Internet hacker attacks, safeguards the device against malicious 'denial of service' attacks and enables users to safely operate a web server from home and engage in multiplayer Internet games.

"For home/SOHO users seeking a secure, high-speed connection with resources on corporate networks, OpenRG's advanced RG-VPN(TM) solution provides secure and encrypted tunneling, supporting all established protocols (IPSec, PPTP) connecting multiple users with minimal configuration effort," said Tony Kuo, CEO of GCT-Allwell Technology. "Our upcoming RG600 will also use Jungo's software infrastructure to provide even more gateway features for users in the 4th Quarter of 2002."

"The Allwell RG100, running Jungo OpenRG, truly leverages the strengths and capabilities of National Semiconductor's Geode processor," said Jeff Waters, Director of the Consumer Access Business Unit at National Semiconductor. "The cost-effectiveness and the level of security features achieved by the RG100 are made possible by the processing power and flexibility of National's Geode processor, delivering capabilities impossible with other gateways on the market. The Allwell RG100 is a great example of where the future of this emerging market is headed."

OpenRG is a scalable suite of software infrastructure and technologies that leverages a wide range of compelling broadband-based applications and services for the home and small office, such as: home networking (HomePNA, wireless LAN - 802.11b, Bluetooth), high-level network security, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), and remote update capabilities. The Allwell residential gateway powered by OpenRG is designed for maximum scalability and flexibility, offering a future proof software platform that supports all evolving technologies over DSL and cable, and will support new applications such as VoIP, VoDSL, PBX, and home automation and control.

"The new Allwell gateway is a great example of how integrated technologies can result in strong and reliable customer-friendly products", stated Udi Yuhtjman, Vice President of Operations and Business Development. "We believe that Allwell's new gateway, using the OpenRG software platform, is tailored to meets the needs of the broadband Home Networking market, offering a low cost robust broadband gateway for high-speed, secure Internet access throughout the home network in one streamlined, integrated device."

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GCT-Allwell Technology is a privately held company providing set top box hardware platforms for advanced IP-based network applications. GCT-Allwell's products have been widely used as network devices, thin client devices, power-line broadband communication devices, Internet Video On Demand (VOD) appliances, and in wireless communication and home gateway installations. The parent company, Allwell, is based in Taiwan, founded in 1994. GCT-Allwell is based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 1998. Additional information regarding GCT-Allwell, Inc. is available at

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Jungo Software Technologies develops the OpenRG residential gateway software platform that enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bring broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) such as residential gateways, SOHO gateways and IADs to market quickly. Jungo also provides software development tools for embedded systems and telephony applications, which have millions of installations in the market to date. Jungo is a privately held company with corporate offices in San Jose, California and an R&D center in Israel. Founded in 1998, Jungo is backed by strong venture funding, as well as strategic investors including Infineon Ventures and Intel Communications Fund. Find out more at

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