A radar sensor and MCU are now integrated in the world’s smallest class package. Suitable for presence detection and motion sensing.

The Module is world’s smallest class sensor module that is radio certified in Japan as stand-alone module, and Infineon's 60GHz radar sensor IC and MCU for RF control and signal processing are built in a IC-like ultra-compact package of 10 x 13.4 x 1.2 mm.
Smart Entrance Counter Solution and Presence Detection of Turnkey-solution that realized by Infineon are available.

[ Feature ]

  • 60GHz Sensor Module
    Implementing Infineon’s Radar Sensor IC
  • Embedded RF Control / Signal Processing MCU
  • SMT-type Micro-size Module 10 x 14.3 x 1.2 mm3
  • Antenna Structure - 1・TX / 3・RX
  • Radio certified in Japan

Turnkey-solution Software

Infineon offers two types of motion sensing applications. Ready to use without programming.

Smart Entrance Counter Solution

Entering and exiting people can be counted at the entrance. Since entering person and exiting person can be identified individually, it can be used as a highly functional entrance sensor.

Presence Detection

The presence or absence (existence) of people in offices and conference rooms can be detected. It is also possible to detect people who are stationary. Even distance information to the detection target can be measured.

Functional Block Diagram / Internal Structure

Evaluation Tool

The evaluation tool for the module is available.

The evaluation tool is structured with the module mounted on the interposer board to the USB interface board, and evaluation GUI.



Specification details