Whether it comes to childcare or a long-awaited break – we want you to be able to balance your personal obligations and desires with your work. At Infineon, you decide together with us how, when, and where you work. Offers such as flextime, sabbaticals, and childcare make it possible.

“After three years parental leave I wanted to start working again – in part-time. Infineon was very open: I was hired with a 25 hours contract – for a position which originally was advertised as full-time.” Maya Denzler, Market Intelligence, Munich
"No one to watch the kids but you still have to work? No problem with the parents-child office! It’s easy to book a slot and Anna-Maya and Jan-Felix always get excited whenever I tell them, “you’re coming with Daddy to work!”." Daniel Protasiuk, System Expert Production, Dresden
JobSharing: "We decided to split the responsibility for communications at the site in Regensburg. Thus, we both have more time for private interests can invest more time in voluntary work, for example. The resulting work-life balance also has a positive impact on our day-to-day work: win-win for everyone!"
“Traveling the world with my family and spending lots of time together – a sabbatical made my dream come true.” Enrico Erlach, Failure Analysis, Villach, Austria
“Infineon helped me to manage my family life even better. I am now able to schedule my day to meet the needs of my kids. Now, I proudly tell everyone I am living a balanced lifestyle – all this without external help.“ Lei Kong Yen Sharon, Material Planner, Singapore
“With my father suffering from degenerative brain disease and my mother requiring kidney dialysis, I came to the point where stress-relief was crucial. An understanding boss and the opportunity to work from home whenever necessary helped me a lot.” Yan Huey Miin, VP Finance and Business Administration, Singapore
"Flexibility for me as a Manager – and for my employees. I decided to work in part-time to share responsibility with my wife for taking care of our three children. Everyone in my team knows about this part-time setup, and of course I’m also willing to do whatever I can to support my 12 employees with flexible working-time solutions." Martin Roeckerath, Group Leader Failure Analysis, Warstein
“When my daughter was 4 and my son 1 year old, I was left with no family support at home. Infineon India went ahead and offered me the option of part-time work, giving me the flexibility to both work and take care of my family.” Vani Bhujang, Member Technical Staff, Bangalore

You work when and where you like.

We trust you and find that you arrange your working hours best. Working from home every now and again is also a possibility. Our team proves every day that this freedom provides energy and fresh ideas.

Catch your breath with a Sabbatical

Travel the Silk Road, learn Spanish, write a novel – a sabbatical is the best way to fulfill one’s dreams. We are happy to award our employees to this time off, for we know: Afterwards, they begin again fresh with new dynamism in their work.   

Family matters to us

The balancing act between children and career isn’t easy. That’s why we place great value on creating a family-friendly workplace. Our offer:

  • Care for your little researcher: In all large German and Austrian locations, as well as in Singapore, we have company kindergartens or cooperate with nearby daycare centers. Additionally, we look after your children during holiday periods – for example, at the Munich location.
  • You can switch to part-time hours following or during your parental leave and work from home when necessary. We offer extensive counseling.
  • Keep in touch with us: You can also access our Intranet during your time off – and therefore stay informed about the newest developments.
    Family-friendliness goes even further at Infineon – we also support you in caring for your relatives. In accordance with German national care laws, we guarantee your right to exemptions from work obligations.

Personalized Part-Time

Part-time work is a sensible model – and not only for families with children. With partial retirement, our older team members at Infineon can gently decrease their full-time workload and continue to share their knowledge with our up-and-coming talent.

At some sites we offer holiday care for school kids, like in Munich with support from the „Naturindianer"
180 children have spaces in our daycare in Munich. Almost no company offers as many daycare spaces relative to the number of employees.
Our daycare center in Villach focuses on multilingualism and a playful approach to natural sciences and technology.