Infineon employs 35,000 men and women from 81 different countries worldwide – they each contribute their uniqueness to the company. We appreciate this diversity, as it decisively enriches our company culture and secures our competitive advantage. Learn more about what diversity means for us. 

“Through my work as an engineer providing first-level support, I talk to people from all different sites and time zones, from Germany to America and Asia. I really enjoy working in this highly diverse atmosphere.” Ho Chih Chao Edmund, System Engineer, Malacca
“I love my job and my colleagues, and am glad that I can work for another two years before I retire. With this I can earn some more money to fulfill a big dream: to open a little bakery selling homemade cakes.” Salimah Bte Alwi, Quality Operator, Singapore
“Flexibility for me as a Manager – and for my employees.” My wife and I want to share responsibility for taking care of our three children. That’s why I leave the office at 3:30. Everyone in my team knows about this part-time setup, and of course I’m also willing to do whatever I can to support my 27 employees with flexible working-time solutions in line with their personal situations. Martin Roeckerath, Group Leader Failure Analysis, Warstein
“We are constantly challenged to come up with solutions for new products. This happens in an open atmosphere. As we primarily speak English, also colleagues who don’t speak German find it easy to feel part of the team.” Ngoc-Hoa Huynh, Project Lead Package, Munich
Once a year, we celebrate Diversity Day. Through campaigns and information booths, our employees can learn more about the topic of diversity.

Equal opportunities for all

We want everyone to have the same chances at Infineon -- independent of age, gender, heritage, possible disability, religion, or sexual orientation. We show our employees ways to unfold their potential, we protect them from unfair behavior in the workplace, and we guarantee barrier-free facilities wherever possible. The result: an environment in which everyone mutually respects each other and enjoys working together.

The development of women in executive positions is a focal point of our diversity management worldwide. We have set an ambitious goal: to raise the share of female executives to 15 percent by 2020. On the way there, we would like to launch fundamental changes in our company that will support women in their career development.

Beyond that, we want to make it equally easy for both men and women to balance their private lives and careers. Flexible working hours, part-time positions, and childcare support make this possible. For this dedication, all German Infineon locations have been awarded the “audit career and family” (audit berufundfamilie) certificate - and are therefore recognized for being especially family-friendly.

Dedicated to diversity

We want to act fairly and value the people in our company. To that end, we officially state: In signing the “Diversity Charter,” we have held ourselves accountable for creating a work environment that is free of prejudice and marginalization.