Health and Welfare

Those who put their whole hearts into their jobs often forget to think of themselves. We would like to support you in staying healthy: A company physician, counseling, sports offerings, and health checks on site, makes it easy. For these efforts, all of our German locations have been given the Corporate Health Award. Likewise, our location in Singapore has been recognized with the Singapore HEALTH Award. 

“For a long time, I had back problems. Then our health management suggested regular back training. What a great tip! The exercise room is close to my job and the flexible opening times make it really easy to use.” Petra Pausch, System Expert Manufacturing, Dresden

Precaution and early detection

A company physician is available at all of our locations in Germany. So that illness doesn’t even become an issue, fundamental precautionary measures are a part of Infineon’s health management. These include, for example:

  • Health checks
  • Vision tests
  • Early detection of skin and colon cancers
  • Vaccinations

Stay fit

We’ve declared war on back problems – workspaces are ergonomically optimized, and with help from our Back School, you can actively strengthen your core musculature. At our location in Munich, you’ll find a fitness studio with broad course offerings and outdoor sport facilities. In Singapore, we keep you on your toes with our “HAPPY” program: For every sport event in which you participate, you receive points. These can be redeemed – for heart rate monitor watches or yoga classes.

Managing stress and problems

In hectic day-to-day life it’s easy to lose your balance. We want to reverse the trend – at our stress management training events, you’ll learn to find your way back to yourself with targeted relaxation methods.


In our company social counseling, we try to get to the heart of crises and find solutions together – so that problems don’t show up as illnesses. Beyond that, we provide counseling on topics that are difficult to manage alone, such as addiction prevention, caring for relatives, or childcare concerns.