Mobile security

Adding a new level of security to mobile devices


As mobile devices run more applications, store more private data and connect to more corporate and private networks, security and access protection are growing in importance. Sensitive data must be protected, user authentication must be secured – for instance with biometric data – and device integrity must be monitored in order to prevent data theft and fraud.

Manufacturers of mobile devices are thus challenged to constantly deliver new applications and services that increase user convenience while integrating stronger security capabilities. To stay ahead of the curve, mobile developers need security solutions that are easy to integrate and capable of supporting new and promising applications.

Proven security technologies such as an embedded Secure Element (eSE) is a powerful and effective way to securely store sensitive application data, monitor platform integrity and enhance user authentication.

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Adding value through trust

Trust is the key to unlocking new, value-add business models. And this trust is built on new, more advanced security capabilities. Service providers need to be sure that service stability and reliability as well as network integrity will not be compromised by security breaches. And users want to know that they can enjoy an enhanced experience without worrying about compromising on security.

Flexible, trusted security advisor focused on customer needs

You can rely on us to keep you ahead of the mobile device market. With Infineon as a trusted partner at your side, you will be among the first to target new use cases and deliver services demanding exceptional performance and large memories. Leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Lenovo already rely on our security expertise.

Our extended OPTIGA™ Mobile offering with complementary, customized logistics services give you the speed and agility you need to accelerate your time-to-market, while minimizing your investment effort. Our proven track record and highest quality standards can even help to strengthen your brand image. You will also benefit from reduced production costs thanks to very low rejection rates enabled by the high quality of our SOLIDFLASH™ technology. In addition, this technology allows you to reduce inventory costs by flashing the complete operating system (OS) and data at a very late stage in your production flow.

Talk to your local Infineon representative today and discover how our OPTIGA™ Mobile scalable and certified security technology for mobile devices will put you ahead of the mobile game.

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Benefits at glance

  • Strengthen your market position by securely unlocking emerging applications with our high-performance, benchmarking memory security solutions
  • Find your performance vs. security sweet spot based on our scalable portfolio of mobile security solutions
  • Shorten your time-to-market based on our extended OPTIGA™ Mobile customized logistics services
  • Rely on high-quality solutions verified by our proven track record
  • Reduce production costs with our extended services such as operating system (OS) preloading and personalization





Animation of secured cloud authentication
Animation of secured cloud authentication
Animation of secured network authentication
Animation of secured network authentication
Animation of secured mobile online banking
Animation of secured mobile online banking
Infineon's embedded secure element
Infineon's embedded secure element
System health check for mobile devices
System health check for mobile devices