Washing machines

From inverterization to smart appliances

Washing machines have become an essential appliance that people can no longer imagine life without. Today, consumers seek quiet, highly efficient systems with the right feature set, such as stable and smooth starting, a wide range of programs and cycles, and vibration suppression. As commodities, washing machines require components for their designs that improve reliability and energy efficiency – with an attractive price-performance ratio. Furthermore, new features and security solutions are required to integrate washing machines into the network of smart appliances.

Variable speed washing machine system diagram

Solutions from Infineon for washing machine systems

Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio of power management, sensing, control and high-voltage semiconductor technologies for modern washing machines, allowing you to perfectly fulfill consumer demands. Ensure your design is secure with our OPTIGA™ Trust family of products. It offers ready to use security solutions for appliances in the smart home network, such as washing machines. Furthermore, iMOTION, our top-quality digital motion controller, allows you to include all the advantages of inverterization, such as energy efficiency, less noise and longer lifetimes, in your washing machine design.

Turn to Infineon for design support in the form of application notes, design tips, technical papers and reference designs. And know that with us you can easily differentiate your washing machine systems by making them more reliable and energy efficient.