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600 V Self Oscillating Half Bridge Gate Driver IC IR2153S

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_600VDC_half_bridge_gate_driver_IR2153S.TSC

600 V Self Oscillating Half Bridge Gate Driver IC IR2153S

The IR2153S are an improved version of the popular IR2155 and IR2151S gate driver ICs,
and incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a front end oscillator similar
to the industry standard CMOS 555 timer. The IR2153S provides more functionality and is
easier to use than previous ICs. A shutdown feature has been designed into the CT pin,
so that both gate driver outputs can be disabled using a low voltage control signal.
In addition, the gate driver output pulse widths are the same once the rising under voltage
lockout threshold on VCC has been reached, resulting in a more stable profile of frequency
vs time at startup. Noise immunity has been improved significantly, both by lowering the
peak di/dt of the gate drivers, and by increasing the under voltage lockout hysteresis to 1V.
Finally, special attention has been payed t

Model performance :
- Static Electrical Characteristics and Dynamic Electrical Characteristics
are modeled with the typical values from the datasheet.
- Temperature effects are not modeled

The following features have been modeled :
- Switching Characteristics such as propagation delay, peak currents
- Under-voltage lockout

Product Info: IR2153S
Product Info: IGW50N65F5
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