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200 W 2-Channel Class D Audio Power Amplifier using PowIRaudio™ MA5332M integrated Class D Audio IC featuring high power density and heatsink-less operation (Evaluation Board EVAL_AUDAMP25)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: audio_MA5332M_EVAL_AUDAMP25_class_D_audio_amplifier.TSC

200W Stereo, Integarted Class D Audio Amplifier EVAL_AUDAMP25 MA5332M

The MA5332MS offers the same or higher output power than monolithic alternatives without heatsink and 50%
less footprint. This MCM (multi-chip module) solution integrates 2 channel PWM controller, high voltage gate
driver, and 4 low RDS(ON) MOSFETs. Like its predecessor, IR43x2M, It includes standard Class D protection
features for reliable operation over various environmental conditions. As a powerful upgrade to IR43x2M and
other monolithic solutions, MA5332MS’ 7x7 mm PG- IQFN-42 package showcases the benefit of small footprint,
high power density, and heatsink-less operation.

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