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12 V Industrial TDA38820 OptiMOS™ IPOL 20 A Single Output High Efficiency Buck Regulator

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: TDA38820_EVAL_38820_analog_12Vin_1V0_20A_singleOut_integrated_POL.TSC

TDA38820 20A Synchronous Buck Regulator

The TDA38820 is a synchronous buck converter, providing a compact, high-performance
and flexible solution in a small 4 mm x 5 mm power QFN package.

Key features offered by the TDA38820 include internal digital soft-start, precision 0.6 V
reference voltage, power good, thermal protection, programmable switching frequency,
enable input, input undervoltage lockout for proper start-up, latched off or unlatched
overvoltage protection, and pre-bias start-up.

The output overcurrent protection (OCP) function is implemented by sensing the voltage
developed across the on-resistance of the synchronous MOSFET for optimum cost and
performance, and the current limit is thermally compensated.

Product info: TDA33820
Evaluation board: EVAL_38820_1Vout
Efficiency Analysis - fast
Transient Analysis - accurate
Transient Analysis - fast
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