LED drivers

The right topology and features for every LED lighting design

Typically, LED drivers are deployed to provide constant current to LED light engines for applications like commercial indoor lighting, street lighting and high bay lighting. The topology used in a design depends on the power rating and feature set. Low-power and cost-sensitive LED lighting applications usually turn to single stage flyback topology. For higher power ratings and larger feature sets, dual stage topologies with a dedicated stage for power factor correction (PFC) and a dedicated stage for flyback or LLC are common.

Using primary constant voltage with secondary buck stage is a further option. This topology supports intelligent lighting features as well as low dimming levels and other features. Ultimately, the topology most suitable for your design depends on the specific features to implement and your platform concept.

Common topologies of LED drivers

Single stage

Single stage: flyback – Constant Current (CC)

Non-isolated single stage fly back – Constant Current (CC)

Dual stage

Dual stage: PFC + LLC – Constant Current (CC)

Performance Report Evaluation board
130W 76V CC Board Performance using ICL5101 PFC / LLC Combo IC Coming soon: EVALLEDICL5101E2


PFC-IC for PFC + LLC or PFC + flyback

Application note Design guide Evaluation board
90 W PFC evaluation board for the IRS2505L IRS2505L uPFCTM Control IC Design Guide coming soon: IRuPFC2


Dual stage: PFC/FB Constant Voltage (CV) + secondary buck

Secondary buck options (CC)

Triple stage

Triple stage: PFC + LLC Constant Voltage (CV) + secondary buck

Secondary buck options (CC)

Overcoming today’s challenges on the LED driver market

The current LED driver market is characterized by increasing pressure to cut costs and to bring a product to market quickly. The cost of your design is directly influenced by the bill of materials, with product variants incurring additional costs due to keeping stock and R&D. Of course, your task is also to find the right topology for customer requirements.

LED drivers from Infineon

To overcome today’s challenges and accommodate the wide range of topologies on the LED driver market, at Infineon we offer LED driver ICs that support several different topologies and features. Our products for LED drivers range from analog LED driver ICs tailored to specific applications, to configurable digital ICs that help accelerate the time to market and reduce the cost of stock keeping units (SKUs) for LED driver variants.