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300V Boost Converter with Low-Side EiceDRIVER™ 1ED44176N01F showing Over-current protection (OCP)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_300VDC_Boost_1ED44176N01F_OverCurrentProtection.tsc

300V Boost Converter with Low-Side EiceDRIVER™ 1ED44176N01F and
UltraFast Copack IGBT IRGP4068D and CoolSiC™ Schottky Diode IDH08G120C5

Over-current protection (OCP) is typically implemented by a current measurement with a comparator and
multiple resistors and capacitors. The 1ED44176N01F provides cost and space savings by integrating the
comparator in the gate driver. The new low-side gate driver utilizes Infineon’s advanced IC technology to realize
best-in-class fault reporting accuracy with OCP threshold tolerance of +/-5%. In addition, Infineon’s IC technology
enables a small PG-DSO8 package by combining the fault output and enable functions into a single pin.

Quickly test the 1ED44176N01F in the boost converter. Simulate the model to see how the 1ED44176N01F
provides over-current protection. Conveniently adjust the parameters to test the key features of 1ED44176N01F.
For example, program the fault clear time by adjusting C_FLTC.

{1. click here to set application parameters}
{2. click on Run to calculate components}
{3. click Simulate Transient }

{set input voltage [V]}
V_in:= 320 {use 200 ... 400}
V_step:= 20 {use 20 ... 30}

{set output current [A]}
I_out:= 1 {use 1 ... 5}

{programmable Fault Clear Timer [s]}
C_FLTC:= 2n
V_FLTCTH:= 2.7/2
I_FLTC:= 25u

{set switching frequency [Hz]}
fs:= 130k {use 100k ... 150k}
{duty cycle}
Duty:= 0.25 {use 0.1 ... 0.9}
{set gate resistor}
Rg:= 15 {use 10 ... 30}

{calculated output values}
V_out:= V_in/(1-Duty)
R_load:= V_out/I_out

T_ON:= Duty*T {on time}

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Evaluation board: EVAL-1ED44176N01F
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Product info: IDH08G120C5
Application Note: AN2018-03 Low-side driver with over-current protection and fault/enable