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200 V three-phase gate driver IC EiceDRIVER™ 6EDL04N02PR with integrated bootstrap diode, over-current protection, enable and fault reporting

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200 V three-phase gate driver IC EiceDRIVER™ 6EDL04N02PR with integrated bootstrap diode, over
current protection, enable and fault reporting

The device 6ED family – 2nd generation is a full bridge driver to control power devices like MOS-transistors or
IGBTs in 3-phase systems with a maximum blocking voltage of +600 V. Based on the used SOI-technology there
is an excellent ruggedness on transient voltages. No parasitic thyristor structures are present in the device.
Hence, no parasitic latch-up may occur at all temperatures and voltage conditions.

The six independent drivers are controlled at the low-side using CMOS resp. LSTTL compatible signals, down to
3.3 V logic. The device includes an under-voltage detection unit with hysteresis characteristic and an overcurrent
detection. The over-current level is adjusted by choosing the resistor value and the threshold level at pin ITRIP.
Both error conditions (under-voltage and over-current) lead to a definite shut down off all six switches. An error
signal is provided at the FAULT open drain output pin. The blocking time after over-current can be adjusted with
an RC-network at pin RCIN. The input RCIN owns an internal current source of 2.8 µA. Therefore, the resistor
RRCIN is optional. The typical output current can be given with 165 mA for pull-up and 375 mA for pull down.
Because of system safety reasons a 310 ns interlocking time has been realised. The function of input EN can
optionally be extended with over-temperature detection, using an external NTCresistor (see Figure 1).
The monolithic integrated bootstrap diode structures between pins VCC and VBx can be used for power supply
of the high side.

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