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160 V three-phase gate driver IC MOTIX™ 6ED2742S01Q for BLDC motor control applications based on SOI - Silicon on Insulator technology

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160 V Three-phase motor control gate driver IC MOTIX™ ED2742S01Q for battery´
supplied BLDC motor control

The 6ED2742S01Q is a 160 V SOI based gate driver designed for three phase BLDC motor drive
applications. Integrated bootstrap diodes are used to supply the three external high sides charging
bootstrap capacitors and supports 100% duty cycle operation by a trickle charge pump. Protection features
include under voltage lockout, over current protection with configurable threshold, fault communication and
automatic fault clear. The output drivers feature a high-pulse current buffer stage designed for minimum
driver cross-conduction. A current sense operational amplifier (CSA) with selectable gain is integrated
between the VSS and COM. .

Product Info: IKW25N120H3

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Product Info: 6ED2742S01Q
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