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24V DC Motor Control with IFX007T for one uni-directional (half-bridge) DC brushed motor (with torque simulation)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: motor_brushed_24V_half-bridge_IFX007T_with_torque.tsc

DC Motor Control with IFX007T (Half-Bridge)

Please modify the torque profile
in the signal generator: Torque.
Signal>>piecewise linear>>Details
define the time and value properly.
Set the signal generator to 0 for

{1. click here to set circuit parameters}
{2. click on "Run" to calculate components}
{3. click on "OK" and Simulate Transient }

{Supply voltage [V]}
VS:= 24 {use 5 ... 24}

{Motor Parameter}
Kt:=0.071 {torque constant in Nm/A}
Kemf:=0.071 {voltage constant in V/(rad/s)}
Kf:=0.014 {friction torque in Nm}
Kd:=13E-6 {damping factor Nm/(rad/s)}
Rt:=0.84 {terminal resistance in Ohm}
L:=1.36E-3 {inductance in H}
Jmotor:=37E-6 {rotor inertia in kgm^2}
Jload:=100E-6 {kgm^2}
init_speed:=0 {initial speed in rad/s}

{DO NOT Change! max. allowed speed in [rpm] }
speed:=3000 {ideal free running speed [rpm] }
{angular velocity w [rad/s] = speed*2*pi/60}
{switching frequency [Hz] }
fs:= 1000 {use 100 ... 30000}
{Ambiente temperature [Celsius] }
Tamb:=25 {use 0 ... 100}

{===DO NOT CHANGE BELOW========}
T_ON:= Duty*T {on time}
T_OFF:=T-T_ON {off time}

The IFX007T motor control device with half-bridge topology is one
of the high current motor control chips. The circuit demonstrate an
example circuit to drive one uni-directional DC motors (half-bridge
configuration). The implemented integrated IFX007T NovalithIC™
half-bridges can be controlled by a PWM via the IN Pin.

The DC motor parameters can be adjusted in the green text box on the
left side to simulate your individual motor control case.

Technical Assistance

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