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Automotive 12V Two Channel Smart High Side Power Switch application circuit using PROFET™+2 BTS7008-2EPA

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_smart_high_side_BTS7008-2EPA_application_circuit.TSC

12 V Two Channel Smart High Side Power Switch PROFET™+2 BTS7008-2EPA
Application Example with Inductive (valve) and Capacitive (electronic) load

The BTS7008-2EPA is a Smart High-Side Power Switch, providing protection functions and diagnosis.
The device is integrated in SMART7 technology.

Protection Features:
• Absolute and dynamic temperature limitation with controlled restart
• Overcurrent protection (tripping) with Intelligent Restart Control
• Undervoltage shutdown
• Overvoltage protection with external components

Thermal Model description:
THERMAL_MODEL=1: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 600mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=2: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 300mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=3: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: footprint
THERMAL_MODEL=4: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 2s2p
where: P=power injected in chip; T=ambient temperature

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