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24V high side example circuit with PROFET™ BTT6020-1EKA

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_24V_high_side_BTT6020-1EKA.tsc

24V Protected High-Side Switch BTT6020-1EKA
Application Example With Inductive/Resistive/Capacitive Load

{1. click here to set application parameters}
{2. click on Run to calculate components}
{3. click Simulate Transient }

{Supply voltage [V] }
VS:= 24 {use 5 ... 36}

{switching frequency [Hz] }
fs:= 500 {use 1 ... 500}

{duty cycle}
Duty:=0.4 {use 0.01 ... 0.99}

{Output load definition }
R_load:=10 { [Ohm] use 5 ... 5k}
L_load:=200u { [H] use 0 ... 2m}
C_load:=0 { [F] use 0 ... 5u}

{Ambiente temperature [Celsius] }
Tamb:=50 {use 0 ... 120}

{Diagnostic ENable}
DEN:=5 {5: enabled, 0: disabled}

{===DO NOT CHANGE BELOW========}
T_ON:= Duty*T {on time}
T_OFF:=T-T_ON {off time}


This example circuit demonstrate the application example for the BTT6020-1EKA, one of the
PROFET™+ 24V devices. Infineon’s PROFET™+ 24V protected high-side switches drive
resistive, capacitive as well as inductive loads (e.g. truck bulbs, car bulbs, valves, motors,
relays, capacitors, LEDs…). The power switch is controlled via the IN pin. The switching
frequency can be adjusted in the green text box on the left side.

The PROFET™+ 24V devices also provide a sense current at the IS pin, which can be enabled
via the DEN (Diagnosis ENable) pin. The sense signal (IS) can be connected to an ADC channel
for monitoring and controlling. The current sense ratio k_ILIS is dependent on the sense resistor
R_IS, please refer to datasheet section 7.3.

Product info: BTT6020-1EKA
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