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12V low side example circuit with HITFET™ BTF3050TE

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_bp_12V_low_side_BTF3050TE.tsc

HITFET™ Automotive Smart Low-Side Switch BTF3050TE:
Application Example With Inductive/Resistive/Capacitive Load

Thermal model discription:
THERMAL_MODEL=1: 1s0p PCB 300\e(mm,2)
THERMAL_MODEL=2: 1s0p PCB 600\e(mm,2)
THERMAL_MODEL=3: 1s0p PCB min. footprint

This example circuit demonstrates the application example for the BTF3050TE, one of the
Automotive protected low-side switches (HITFET™). Infineon’s HITFET™ drives resistive,
capacitive as well as inductive loads (e.g. truck bulbs, car bulbs, valves, motors, relays,
capacitors, LEDs…). The power switch is controlled via the IN pin. The switching frequency
can be adjusted in the green text box on the left side.

The Switching speed (slew rate) can be adjusted via pin SRP with resistor R_SRP to GND.
Please refer to datasheet section 5.5 for details. The SRP pin is also a digital status feedback
pin, which can be connected to a microcontroller. It provides a latched logic high signal in case
of thermal issue. The latched fault signal can be reset via SRP pin.

In this circuit, the load type and values can be set via the green box on the left side.

{1. click here to set circuit parameters}
{2. click on "Run" to calculate components}
{3. click on "OK" and Simulate Transient }

{Supply voltage [V]}
VS:= 12 {use 5 ... 28}

{Load setting, datasheet Figure 13}
R_load:= 20 { [Ohm] use 5 ... 200k}
L_load:= 20u { [H] use 0 ... 20m}
C_load:= 0 { [F] use 0 ... 100u}

{Switching slew rate: datasheet section 5.5}
R_SRP:= 70k {use 5k ... 70k}

{switching frequency [Hz] & duty cycle}
fs:= 200 {use 1 ... 500}
Duty:=0.4 {use 0.01 ... 0.99}

{Ambiente temperature [Celsius] }
Tamb:=50 {use 0 ... 120}

{Thermal model number: }
ThermalModel:= 1 {use 1 ... 4}

{===DO NOT CHANGE BELOW========}
T_ON:= Duty*T {on time}
T_OFF:=T-T_ON {off time}

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