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Automotive Low Dropout (LDO) and Ultra Low Quiescent Current Linear Voltage Regulator OPTIREG™ TLS805D1LDV50 application circuit for 5.0 V output voltage

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Automotive Ultra Low Quiescent Current Linear Voltage Regulator TLS805D1LDV50
Application Circuit

Thermal model description:
THERMAL_MODEL = 1: PG-TSON-10 1s0p 600mm2 cooling area
THERMAL_MODEL = 2: PG-TSON-10 1s0p, footprint

The TLS805D1 is a linear voltage regulator featuring wide input voltage range, low drop out voltage and ultra
low quiescent current.
With an input voltage range of 2.75 V to 42 V and ultra low quiescent of only 9 µA, the regulator is perfectly
suitable for automotive or any other supply systems connected permanently to the battery.
The TLS805D1LDV50 is the fixed 5 V output version with an accuracy of 2 % and output current capability up
to 50 mA.
The new regulation concept implemented in TLS805D1 combines fast regulation and very good stability while
requiring only a small ceramic capacitor of 1 μF at the output.
The tracking region starts already at input voltages of 2.75 V (extended operating range). This makes the
TLS805D1 also suitable to supply automotive systems that need to operate during cranking condition.
Internal protection features like output current limitation and overtemperature shutdown are implemented
to protect the device against immediate damage due to failures like output short circuit to GND, over-current
and over-temperature.
The device can be switched on and off by the Enable feature. When the device is switched off, the current
consumption is typically less than 1 µA.
The output voltage is supervised by the Reset feature, including undervoltage reset and delayed reset release
at power-on.

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