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Automotive Low Dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulator OPTIREG™ TLE4276DV application circuit

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_LDO_TLE4276DV_application_circuit.tsc

Automotive low-dropout voltage regulator OPTIREG™ Linear TLE4276DV

Thermal model description:
THERMAL_MODEL = 1: PG-TSON-10 1s0p 600mm2 cooling area
THERMAL_MODEL = 2: PG-TSON-10 1s0p, footprint
THERMAL_MODEL = 10: No self-heating, only TEMP value used as a temperature

The OPTIREG™ Linear TLE4276 is a low-drop voltage regulator in a TO package. The IC regulates an input
voltage up to 40 V to VQ,nom = 5.0 V (V50), and adjustable voltage (V). The maximum output current is 400 mA.
The IC can be switched off via the inhibit input, which causes the current consumption to drop below 10 µA.
The IC is short-circuit-proof and includes temperature protection which turns off the device at

Voltage Regulator
Technical Assistance

Product Info: TLE4276DV

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