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Automotive Low-dropout (LDO) voltage linear voltage regulator OPTIREG™ TLE42764E V50 Application Circuit

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_LDO_TLE42764EV50_application_circuit.tsc

Automotive Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Voltage Regulator OPTIREG™ TLE42764E V50

The TLE42764 is a monolithic integrated low-dropout voltage regulator for load currents up to 400 mA. An
input voltage up to 40 V is regulated to an adjustable or 5-V fixed voltage with a precision of ± 2%. The device
is designed for the harsh environment of automotive applications. Therefore, it is protected against overload,
short circuit and overtemperature conditions by the implemented output current limitation and the
overtemperature shutdown circuit. The TLE42764 can be also used in all other applications requiring a
stabilized voltage between 2.5 V and 20 V.
Due to its very low quiescent current, the TLE42764 is dedicated for use in applications permanently
connected to VBAT. In addition, the device can be switched off via the enable input, reducing the current
consumption to less than 10 µA.

Product info: TLE42764E V50

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