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Automotive Low-dropout (LDO) voltage linear voltage regulator OPTIREG™ TLE4266-2GS V33 Application Circuit

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Automotive Low-dropout voltage linear voltage regulator TLE4266-2GS V33 Application Circuit

The OPTIREG™ Linear TLE4266-2G is a monolithic integrated low-drop fixed voltage regulator which can
supply loads up to 150 mA. It can be switched on and off by the INH pin. It is functional compatible to the
TLE4266, but with a reduced quiescent current of << 1 µA in OFF mode and 40 µA in ON mode. The TLE4266-2G
is especially designed for all applications that require very low quiescent current in ON and OFF mode. The
device is available in the small surface mounted PG-SOT223-4 package. It is pin compatible to the TLE4266G.
It is designed to supply microprocessor systems under the severe condition of automotive applications and
therefore it is equipped with additional protection against over load, short circuit and overtemperature. Of
course the TLE4266-2G can be used in other applications, where a stabilized voltage and the inhibit feature is

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