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Automotive Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator OPTIREG™ TLE4263-2ES application circuit for 5V output voltage

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_LDO_TLE42632ES_application_circuit.TSC

Automotive Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator TLE4263-2ES
Application Circuit

Model performance :
- dynamic behavior not modeled (CQ/ESR stability, line/load transient
response, start-up, PSRR)
- static behavior is modelled by approximation to the real behavior of
the device at temperature = 25°C

An input voltage up to 45 V is regulated to an output voltage of 5.0 V. The component is
able to drive loads up to 180 mA. The IC is short-circuit proof by the implemented
current limitation and has an integrated over temperature shutdown. It additionally
provides features like power-on and under voltage reset with adjustable reset threshold,
a watchdog circuit for monitoring a connected microcontroller and an inhibit input
for enabling or disabling the component. The reset output RO is set to “low” in case
the output voltage falls below the reset switching threshold V Q,rt. This threshold can
be decreased down to 3.5 V by an external resistor divider. The power-on reset delay
time can be programmed by the external delay capacitor C D. The watchdog circuit
provides a monitoring function for microcontrollers: At missing pulses on the watchdog’s
input W the reset output RO is set to “low”. The trigger time for the watchdog pulses
can be set by the external capacitor C D. The IC can be switched off by the inhibit input,
reducing the current consumption to typically 0 μA.

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