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12V Automotive LED - Relay - Motor Control Multichannel low side SPI Driver IC TLE75004-EPD (SPIDER) - RLC Load PWM Circuit

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_12v_LED_lighting_valve_motor_driver_spider_TLE75004-EPD_application_circuit.TSC

12V Automotive LED, Enhanced Relay & Motor Control Multichannel
low side SPI Driver IC TLE75004-EPD (SPIDER)

Application circuit: switching resistive and inductive loads
and LEDs in PWM mode

The TLE75004-EPD is a SPI controlled 4 channel low side switch out of Infineon's
new SPIDER+ family. The SPIDER+ products offeres improved and added functionality,
such as Cranking capability, very low current consumption in sleep mode, an improved
thermal performance, enhanced diagnosis features via SPI (16 Bit) and an input
mapping function for the 2 direct inputs. An input status register in combination with the
output status monitor and the open load at OFF detection allows to track the entire path,
from microcontroller to the loads. A fail safe mode (Limp Home) supplied from battery
maintains the functionality even with missing digital voltage supply. Short circuit, over
current and over temperature shutdown secures the protection of the loads and the switch.

This generic test bench is set to switch resistive loads and LED's in PWM mode.
Switching power and Switching energy is calculated to determine the switching
losses. It can be used as a starting point for different configurations.

change simulation time:
"Analysis->Transient: Start - End Display"

THERMAL_MODEL=1: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 300mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=2: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 600mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=3: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p footprint
THERMAL_MODEL=4: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 2s2p
where: P=power injected in chip; T=ambient temperature

1. It is required to let the TJ pin open (no external connection)
2. The convention is 1V=1°C

CH3 CH2 CH1 CH0 | signal
0 0 0 0 | 0
0 0 0 1 | 1
0 0 1 0 | 2
0 0 1 1 | 3
0 1 0 0 | 4
0 1 0 1 | 5
0 1 1 0 | 6
0 1 1 1 | 7
1 0 0 0 | 8
1 1 1 0 | 14
1 1 1 1 | 15

Switching channels in parallel
HWCR_PAR_reg register coding


PAR_reg | PAR1 PAR0
0 | 0 0
1 | 0 1
2 | 1 0
3 | 1 1

The Ambient temperature of the entire chip can be set by
connecting a voltage source to TAMB input pin.

Junction temperature can be monitored on TJx output pin.
TJx is always TAMB + temperature due to self-heating of
power device.

The model contains 4 different Junction to Ambient thermal
networks associated to different metallization and cooling
areas.To switch between the four networks available, change
the value of THERMAL_MODEL parameter which can be
found on the test bench

Fault flag (OT or OVL): ERRn_reg
Fault latch clear: HWCR_OCL_reg
Open Load Detection in OFF-State: DIAG_IOL_reg
Output Status Monitor: DIAG_OSM_reg

Product info: TLE75004-EPD
Evaluation Board: TLE75004-EPD DB
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