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12V Automotive LED Driver IC TLD1314EL LITIX™ Basic - Short Circuit Fault Management

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_12v_LED_lighting_driver_TLD1314EL_application_circuit.TSC

12V Automotive LED Driver IC LITIX™ Basic TLD1314EL
Short Circuit fault management - transient

LITIX™ Basic TLD1314EL is a three channel high side driver IC with
integrated output stages. It is designed to control LEDs with a current
up to 120 mA. In typical automotive applications the device is capable
to drive i.e. 3 red LEDs per chain (total 9 LEDs) with a current up to 60mA,
which is limited by thermal cooling aspects. The output current is controlled
practically independent of load and supply voltage changes.

This setup is showing the Short Circuit to GND detection with ST pin
connected sequentially to an external resistor and shorted to GND
during the fault.

For more information, please consult the Application Information section
from datasheet.

The ambient temperature of the entire chip can be set via the temperature parameter of the
To change the temperature, go to:
"Analysis -> Set Analysis Parameters -> Set Temperature of Environment"

- Change simulation time:
"Analysis->Transient: Start - End Display"

Product info: TLD1314EL

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