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12V Automotive Motor Control based on MOTIX™ Embedded Power Full Bridge Driver TLE986x/TLE987x - Concept Low Side Active (FW in HS)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_12V_motor_Embedded_Power_TLE986x_7x_Verified_Chipset_LS.TSC

12V Automotive Motor Control based on Embedded Power Half Bridge control
with TLE986x_7x Low Side Active (FW in HS)

ICHARGE_TRIM and IDISCHARGE_TRIM are used to control register values.
They represent the decimail values of the register fields.
Value range must be between 1.5 and 31.

VCP is used to set charge pump voltage.

MODEL_TYPE parameter
1 - Nominal : typical behavior (default value)
2 - Slow : corner model which switches the external MOSFET slowest
3 - Fast : corner model which switches the external MOSFET fastest

Infineon`s 3-phase motor control solutions with LIN interface addressing BLDC motor applications
The MOTIX™ TLE986x and TLE987x families offer solutions for a wide range of smart 3-phase
brushless DC motor control applications like auxiliary pumps and fans. They provide an unmatched
level of integration and system cost to optimize the target application segments. In addition to this,
they offer scalability in terms of flash memory sizes and MCU system clock frequency supporting a
wide range of motor control algorithms, either sensor-based or sensor-less.

This test bench shows the switching behavior for different application conditions (temperature, voltage,
load current) and different gate driver configurations (charge and discharge currents)

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