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12 V Automotive Smart High-Side Power Switch PROFET™ Load Guard BTG7090-2EPL Digital Twin Demonstrator comparing PROFET™ +2 devices BTS7040-1EPA

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: atv_12VDC_Smart_Switch_LG_Demo_BTG7090-2EPL_and_BTS7040-1EPA_v1.tsc

12 V Automotive Smart High Side Power Switch PROFET™ Load Guard BTG7090-2EPL
Digital twin of Load Guard demonstrator that shows the difference between the
PROFET™ Load Guard and PROFET™ +2 devices

The BTG7090-2EPL, as part of the PROFET™ Load Guard family, is a smart high-side power switch,
providing protection functions and enhanced diagnostic capabilities. The product is equipped with
adjustable overcurrent limitation to offer high reliability for protecting the system: In case of a short
circuit to ground, the PCB traces, connectors, as well as loads, can be protected. Furthermore,
the BTG7090-2EPL has a capacitive load switching mode implemented to charge big capacitive loads
and to reduce current peaks during switch on of capacitors. By these features, the device addresses
different use cases for intelligent power distribution (load supply protection, wire protection and power
supply protection) and a broad range of applications.

The BTS7040-1EPA is a Smart High-Side Power Switch, providing protection functions
and diagnosis. The device is integrated in SMART7 technology.

Protection Features:
• Absolute and dynamic temperature limitation with controlled reactivation
• Overcurrent protection (tripping) with Intelligent Latch
• Under voltage shutdown
• Overvoltage protection with external components

Normal Operation

Failure Testcases

Testcase 1: overload on Load Guard ch0

Testcase 2: shortcircuit to ground on Load Guard ch1

Testcase 3: overload on PROFET+2

Testcase 4: shortcircuit to ground on PROFET+2



The models contain 4 different Junction to Ambient thermal networks associated to different metallization and cooling areas
To switch between the five networks available, change the value of THERMAL_MODEL parameter which can be found on the provided
setup test bench
THERMAL_MODEL=1: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 300mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=2: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p 600mm2
THERMAL_MODEL=3: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 1s0p footprint
THERMAL_MODEL=4: P=1W; T=85°C; PCB type: 2s2p with thermal via

where: P=power on the power transistor; T=ambient temperature

The Ambient temperature of the entire chip can be set by connecting a voltage source to TAMB input pin.
Junction temperature can be monitored on TJ output pin.
TJ is always TAMB + temperature due to self-heating of the DMOS.

It is required to let the TJ pin open (no external connection)
The convention is 1V=1°C

Jumpers emulation

Jumpers emulation

Jumpers emulation

Jumpers emulation

LED Emulation

Typical Load

Typical Load

LED Emulation

External stimuli

Simulation Transient
Simulation Testcase 1
Simulation Testcase 2
Simulation Testcase 3
Simulation Testcase 4

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