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0.6-5V 3A Single Output 300-1500KHz Int. LDO Integrated PoL Solution IR3823 (AC Analysis)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: IR3823_analog_12Vin_0.6-5Vo_300-1500KHz_3A_singleOut_intLDO_integrated_POL_AC_V1.TSC

IR3823 Synchronous Buck Regulator
12V Single Supply

Over Current Protection
0: FLOAT 20 ms
1: VCC 10 ms
2: LGND 40 ms




The IR3823 SupIRBuck® is a 3A easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly efficient
synchronous Buck regulator intended for Point-Of-Load (POL) applications.

The IR3823 features programmable switching frequency from 300kHz to 1.5MHz,
three selectable soft-start time options, and smooth synchronization to an external
clock. The IR3823 uses voltage mode control employing a proprietary PWM
modulator, allowing high control bandwidth and fast loop response with less output

The other important functions include thermally compensated over current
protection, output over voltage protection and thermal shut-down, etc. The IR3823
is offered in a small 3.5mm x 3.5mm PQFN package with excellent thermal performance.

Evaluation board: IRDC3823
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Product info: IR3823M
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