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Automotive 12 V LED synchronous Dual-Channel Buck DC-DC controller LITIX™ TLD5501-2QV with SPI Interface (AC Stability Analysis)

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: ATV_BP_TLD5501_2QV_AC_BODE_STABILITY.TSC

TLD5501-2QV Dual SYNC Buck Controller with SPI Interface and Stability Analysis

- Change simulation time:
"Analysis->AC Analysis->AC Transfer Characteristics : Start - End Display"
- Double click on the green window to enter design criteria
- Click on "Run" and AC Transfer Characteristics

Target: perform AC simulations for stability analysis of the converter
Details on the implementation:
- The model is a simplified version of the real device and it shows a reduced number of pins on the symbol, one channel only
- The test bench and model internals have limited number of components which are relevant for stability
- For a better understanding of the device operation, please consult the complete transient model available on product web site
- Bode plots (Gain and Phase) are automatically opened at the end of simulation

Model parameters available on test bench for user control
- frequency: controller switching frequency, range from 200 kHz to 700 kHz
- inductor: converter switching inductor
- rswcs: switch and inductor current sense resistor

Technical Assistance

Product info: TLD5501_2QV
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