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500V CoolMOS™ with Clamped Inductive Load

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_coolmos_clamped_ind.tsc

CoolMOS™ with Clamped Inductive Load

The revolutionary CoolMOS™ Power MOSFET families from 500V to 900V
set new standards in the field of Energy Efficiency. CoolMOS™ Superjunction
Power MOSFET products offer a significant reduction of conduction, switching
and driving losses and enable high power density and efficiency for superior
power conversion systems. Especially, the latest state-of-the-art generation of
high voltage power MOSFETs makes AC-DC Power Supplies more efficient,
more compact, lighter and cooler than ever before.

E6: Easy to use (e.g., IPP65R280E6)
P6: Balanced (e.g., IPW60R280P6)
C7: Efficient (e.g., IPD65R225C7)

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