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24V Boost Converter (47V) - Quasi-Resonant Conduction Mode, 2nd valley

Open online SPICE simulator circuit link: power_optimos_24V_boost_4_QR_2v.tsc

Boost Converter - Quasi-Resonant Conduction Mode, switching in 2nd valley

The MOSFET is turned on when V_DS is the lowest after the inductor current has reached zero, resulting in the lowest turn-on losses.
Turning on the MOSFET in the second valley limits the switching frequency without compromising on efficiency.

Default settings: 24V DC input - 47V DC output
Input power: 11.47W
Output power: 11.23W
Efficiency: 97.9%
Frequency: 102kHz



Technical Assistance

Application note: Quasi-Resonant Control with XMC1000
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Diode: MURS120T3
Product info: OptiMOS™ BSZ340N08NS3