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Smart solutions all along the energy cycle: from generation and transmission to consumption

The world is at an inflection point. The need for electrical energy is ever increasing. Yet at the same time, economic, environmental, and technological pressures are closing in from all sides. This is the challenge that the engineers at Infineon Green Industrial Power (GIP) face head on, every day. How do they help meet the seemingly endless demand for energy while ensuring sustainability? By building leading-edge products and solutions that ensure the smart and efficient generation, transmission, storage, and consumption of electrical energy.

CO2 reduction targets and digital transformation are causing disruptive changes everywhere. GIP’s multifaceted products serve the entire energy value chain – from generation to consumption – for both industry and consumer. Among others, they contribute to stable power supplies for hospitals as well as data, traffic, and control centers. As industry undergoes a digital transformation, our products aid in ensuring safe and efficient operations while minimizing energy consumption. They automate robots, decrease downtime, and enable the production of everything from potato chips to electric trucks. All manners of vehicles, in fact, from scooters to commercial trucks, are going electric. The increase in demand for electrical energy puts pressure on energy efficiency. And to meet climate goals, making the transition to renewable energies is inevitable. GIP’s portfolio of products maximizes solar energy yield, minimizes transmission losses, and optimizes energy consumption efficiency.

The dedication our experts put into their work is an important reason that Infineon’s IGBT-based power semiconductors are best in class and number one in the world. It is also why we are a leader of SiC solutions for industrial applications. Our efforts to advance integration and digitalization have led to innovations like the energy-efficient intelligent power modules that have contributed to annual savings of 24 billion kWh and CO2 reductions of 14 million tons per year. (Source: Infineon Technologies AG)




Rising demand for energy, increasing depletion of fossil resources, and climate change are the global challenges of the 21st century. Finding smarter and more efficient ways of generating, transmitting, storing, and using energy is key to a green and sustainable future. A strong commitment to energy efficiency has been part of Infineon’s DNA for the last decades. At GIP, we help to empower a world of unlimited, green energy and support our customers in adopting a sustainable lifestyle today and tomorrow.

Peter Wawer Division President Green Industrial Power (GIP)

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Empower a world of unlimited energy

Can your passion and expertise contribute to sustainability? Is powering low-emission, self-driving commercial electric vehicles in your future? Together with your colleagues at Infineon Green Industrial Power, you can work on solutions that ensure reliable electricity supply the world over, from Austria to Zambia. Ensuring the efficient transmission and storage of solar and wind energy and enabling efficient automated manufacturing are also just a couple of the many ways you can help turn our vision of unlimited energy into reality.

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GIP key markets and applications

Renewable energy, transmission & storage

Wind and solar are vital to the changing energy mix of renewable energy sources and pose new challenges for energy transmission and storage. SiC will be a game changer for solar inverters and charging infrastructure due to reduced system size and higher efficiency.

Energy efficient consumption

Rising demand for electrical energy means energy efficiency is becoming even more important. There is considerable savings potential in both consumer and industrial systems.

Commercial transportation

Public transport and commercial vehicles are undergoing a paradigm shift. The electrification of large vehicles not only makes sense; new transportation strategies and CO2 reduction targets make it inevitable. GIP’s products ensure efficient power consumption in trams, e-buses, metros, high-speed trains and locomotives, and construction, agricultural, and delivery vehicles. They are also part of a fast-growing electrical charging infrastructure.

Industrial automation & robotics

As demand for industrial automation grows, so does the demand for industrial drives. Globally, circa 300 million electric motors are utilized by industry. Smarter automation in line with the ongoing digital transformation reduces energy and carbon footprint, decreases downtime, and lowers manufacturing cost and time as well as overall system cost. GIP’s extensive power module portfolio impacts all levels of automation, enabling the production of food and beverages, textiles and vehicles, and much more. Our power semiconductors move and control robots, protect motors from overloading, and reduce energy consumption in machines. By opening the door to efficient operations and tapping into the incremental, cumulative, and significant energy savings found in industry, we help ensure long-term sustainability.

Building on Infineon’s extensive portfolio spanning sensors, microcontrollers, and connectivity technologies, GIP also provides innovative solutions for smart home and industrial IoT applications.

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