Shaping the future of mobility

About Infineon Automotive (ATV)

We make cars clean, safe and smart

The automotive world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Today the focus is on getting from A to B comfortably and safely, with the lowest fuel consumption and emissions possible. The vision for the future is CO2-neutral and autonomous mobility. Microelectronics are driving innovation in the automotive world.

Infineon enables clean, safe and smart cars with a product portfolio that is the industry’s broadest – ranging from sensors, microcontrollers and high-performance memory for specific applications all the way to power semiconductors and devices for human-machine interaction and vehicle connectivity. Car manufacturers worldwide count on our solutions.

What this looks like in day-to-day life: Technologies from Infineon assist in delivering power to electric drivetrains. In fact, we are literally powering society’s move toward fully electric, CO2-neutral mobility. Or take driver assist systems. Not only do they ensure greater driving comfort, they also help avoid collisions. These systems therefore make a huge contribution to Vision Zero, a global project whose goal is zero fatalities in traffic. Making vehicles smart also includes secure connectivity, which is an essential aspect of autonomous driving.

We are the world’s number one semiconductor partner for the fast-changing automotive industry. Our goal is to make the car of the future a reality: all-electric and autonomous, fully connected, always online and cybersecure. We are committed to creating value for our customers with our dependable electronics, in-depth knowledge of the car system, operational excellence, passion for innovation and quality, and dedicated colleagues.

Peter Schiefer Division President Automotive

ATV key applications

Focus on megatrends

The automotive industry is currently undergoing extreme transformation. More changes are expected in the next five years than in the past 20 combined. Semiconductors like those from Infineon are essential to realizing the four megatrends of electromobility, automated driving, connectivity, and advanced security. We are the number one partner in the fast-changing automotive world. Our customers have come to rely on our system knowledge, our passion for innovation and quality, and our extremely broad product portfolio.

A complete portfolio

We have the industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio, for example, for

  • electrified drivetrains that contribute to clean cars
  • advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that enable safe automated driving
  • secure connectivity, infotainment and comfort electronics that make cars smart

We offer dependable electronics based on a mindset of zero-defect automotive quality, functional safety, and cybersecurity.

Our premium services, which include operational excellence, a passion for innovation and quality, and system understanding, are key differentiators in the industry.

Working at Infineon ATV

Make your mark on the electric, connected, convenient and safe mobility of the future

By 2030, experts believe that millions of autonomous vehicles will be navigating the road, initially in controlled areas. Use your commute to take catch up on some reading, or have a glass of wine on your way home. But best of all, never look for a parking spot again. Individual mobility as we know it is about to undergo a paradigm shift. As a market leader in automotive semiconductors, Infineon is a key driver for this change.

Join our team of experts – now is your chance to shape the future of mobility.

We need your expertise for example to support designs of energy-efficient electrified drivetrains, or to develop microcontrollers to prevent collisions. Or maybe you’d like to work on smart sensors that monitor the distance to pedestrians, cyclists and other cars. We also need experts to enable secure connectivity between vehicles and road infrastructure.

Have we piqued your interest? We are looking for a broad range of talents – whether experienced professionals or fresh graduates with degrees. Find out about open positions at our jobsearchpage

Detailed information on the application process is available here.

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