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Join a company where you can get valuable experience – even before you graduate. Drive improvements in the world, establish contacts to professionals and earn money. And all the while, keep your options open. Infineon offers that and more. International? Of course. And you don’t have to go to Silicon Valley to work with state-of-the art technology – you can do that everywhere at Infineon too. Easier, safer, greener – that’s Infineon.

All options open

You can join our company when the time is right for you. If you start as an intern or as a student employee, you might want to stay on to write your thesis or take on a full-time position. You can also apply for a spot in our International Graduate Program. Or you can do doctoral research at Infineon in collaboration with a university. We are interested in a long-term relationship with you, wherever we operate around the globe.

What’s the best work model for me as a student in Germany?

What is the difference between a working student job and an internship? What do you need to know as a student in Germany? We have summarized the most important information for you below.

You will also find a series of yes/no questions that will guide you to the best work model for you.

If you want to find out about employment opportunities outside of Germany, please contact the Student Attraction Manager named in the job ad or visit our local websites.

What is the difference between working students and interns?

  • are students who take on a temporary job to finance their studies
  • must be enrolled at university and not have suspended their studies or been granted academic leave
  • may work a maximum of 20 hours per week, or up to 40 hours per week during the semester breaks
  • Mandatory internships: Practical training is a course requirement; these are full-time positions
  • Voluntary internships: These are voluntary opportunities before, during or between course of study; these are full-time positions

Students who take on a temporary job while writing on a project or academic thesis

Find out what works best for you

  • Yes: Great, that means you can choose from any of the jobs that are open to students (see overview above).
  • No: If you are planning a further course of study, you could be eligible for an voluntary internship. If you are still at school, you can find information on openings here. Or maybe you prefer the direct entry option? If so, feel free to browse our job profiles.
  • Yes: Then how about doing a voluntary internship?
  • No: You could be an ideal candidate for a working student job, a mandatory internship, or a thesis.
  • Yes: Then you can apply to us for a mandatory internship on an internship position or else write your thesis here.
  • No: In that case, how about a working student job or maybe an optional internship?
  • Yes: Cool, that means you can apply for any of the jobs that are open to students (see overview above).
  • No: Not a problem. You are welcome to apply to us for a voluntary internship, a mandatory internship, or a thesis placement. If your application is successful, you can move close to the Infineon location and work for us full-time, possibly in hybrid mode.

    You should live close to the site: It is important for us to work with you on site and to integrate you into the team. You should therefore be able to come to the site regularly.

In which areas can I work?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) – technical fields of study

Are you studying electrical engineering, physics, computer sciences or another technical/scientific major? Are you interested in the topics impacting our world and our future, such as energy efficiency, mobility, IoT and big data, and data security? Good, because we offer a large range of exciting activities and insights into the world of semiconductors – from R&D and manufacturing all the way to communications and marketing.

All currently available jobs for students can be found in our job search. An overview of the most important technical job profiles at Infineon is available here.

Non-technical majors

Economics and business majors can also get valuable insights into the professional world at Infineon by diving into a global work environment that focuses on future markets and smart technologies. We offer a diverse set of tasks where you can take responsibility in many different areas of the company, such as human resources, communications, marketing, finance, strategy and supply chain.

All available jobs for students are listed in our job search.


Work for a company who makes the future greener

I love being at Campeon – a working day here is really great and reflects the corporate culture.

Sophie Student employee at Global Talent Marketing in Munich

When did you join Infineon and what are your tasks?

I joined Infineon in January 2022 as a working student in the Global Talent Marketing Team. My tasks include supporting on career website topics and take over tasks in the area of print material, merchandise and innovation topics.

What exactly does that entail? How have you been able to make a difference?

Since we want to give our potential candidates the best possible insight into the Infineon world, we also show on our career website where you can work around the world. We built a template with which we want to simplify the updating of our location pages as it is important to always keep them up-to-date. For this reason, I am in exchange with Infineon sites around the globe to breathe new life into the pages.

Why Infineon?

My working student position is a perfect balance between my master’s in business psychology. I can also go to the Campeon by bike, which is a good added value for me. I love being at Campeon – a working day here is really great and reflects the corporate culture. I also identify well with Infineon's values and think it's great to work for a company who makes the future greener.

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I’m never bored, because every day brings new tasks with it.

Mathias Hannes Student employee in Test Development & Execution for electrical drive systems

Why is the job of a student employee a good match for you?

Alongside my studies in electrical engineering and informatics, I’m working as a student employee in Test Development. For me, the mix between theory and practice is just right – I spend two days a week here at the Infineon Campeon, and the rest of the week is reserved for classes and studying. It’s an ideal mix.

What do you do at Infineon? What are you working on right now?

The Integrated Power Modules department works to improve the energy efficiency of electrical motors. For example, those built into washing machines and refrigerators, or those used in industrial production technology, for example for automated manufacturing.

Currently I’m working on technical marketing. The job lets me develop my technical expertise and my marketing know-how at the same time. It’s never boring, because each day I have new tasks to take care of. It therefore helps to be both open and focused.

Why is Infineon a good choice for you?

A big advantage at Infineon are the opportunities that go along with an international company. Thanks to the flat hierarchies, you can exchange knowledge with experts from all over the world and get in touch with just about anyone for advice.

I also like the Infineon Campeon site here in Munich. In the summer, we play soccer or tennis during the lunch break or after work. There’s something to be said for that. It’s also easy to get to Campeon via public transport, so arriving to work is a piece of cake.

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