We work wonders

Infineon’s International Graduate Program (IGP)

Do you have the potential to be a superhero? Here is your chance to prove your powers: Work wonders as a member of the IGP at Infineon.

We work wonders with the smallest gesture! The soli sensor is using radar to enable new types of touchless interactions – one where the human hand becomes a natural, intuitive interface for our devices.
I just finished my Master´s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management. Now, the IGP is an unique opportunity to start my professional career. As a trainee I have the chance to work in different roles and gain a broader overview of the company: Thus, I expect to learn more about my own skills, strengths and weaknesses. I am also really excited to experience a different cultural environment at my international assignment in Singapore. Marta Comella Lopez Pinto, Trainee Corporate Supply Chain
Through the various stations in the trainee program I have the chance to accompany projects across locations: In Warstein I worked on the development of a promotion strategy for the launch of a new IGBT module, which is specifically geared towards the needs of the Welding inverter manufacturers in China.
Infineon makes life greener
Infineon makes life greener
Meet three of our trainees from Munich.
Meet three of our trainees from Munich.

You will work wonders with our products which themselves have super powers. They help people pay contactlessly and securely for their tickets in the London underground and allow activity trackers to precisely measure your heartbeat. They make your car drive on its own and make it possible to send your friends photos of the last concert in 3D. You think that is not enough? We feel the same!  At Infineon every product works wonders in everyday life – and so do you.

Joining the IGP will get you the full insight: during the course of 18 months you will have at least three different assignments – one of them abroad. You can start the program in different locations. How about Munich, Singapore or Los Angeles? You can join us as an electrical engineer in product marketing, as a psychologist in Human Resources or as a graduate in computer science in our corporate supply chain and much more. After completing the program you will start your target position with a permanent contract. To find open positions take a look at our job search.

The IGP at a glance

Your Application & Entry

You make the impossible possible. You don’t wait for the silver platter. You love change (which is guaranteed in the semiconductor industry). You are pragmatic and analytic (we need both at Infineon). Standing still is not your thing and you find inspiration in working on the big picture with your colleagues. You are fresh out of university but already gained some hands-on experience through internships.

If this is you, we make it easy for you: Your application takes just 90 seconds. All we need is your CV and your relevant certificates, such as your final university degree or last university transcript. In case you want to tell us even more about your superpowers, we are also happy to receive a cover letter. Convince us with your personality, special skills or experiences (a semester abroad?  Volunteering?  An internship at NASA?)  and your excitement for technology and our products – with your application as well as at our application day. Take a look at our infographic to find tips and tricks for a convincing CV. 

On your first day you will meet your manager and your buddy, who will introduce you to the site and everybody you need to know. The global IGP HR manager will be by your side for the whole duration of the program, to offer support and advice.  

After each assignment there will be a feedback session with your manager. For us that is not enough: No later than after your third assignment, a mentor will support you with developing a plan for your superhero career in the long run.

The IGP in detail

The IGP (superhero)-community is the core element of our program: we want you to learn from each other and build a long-lasting network. You will meet other trainees on a regular basis, at global, regional or virtual conferences and in IGP jour fixes. 

An international stay is a fixed component of the program. You will spend at least three months in Asia, Europe or the U.S., depending on the program and the need of your department. 

Feedback always works two ways. We’d like to hear how happy you are with us and the program. In return you will regularly receive feedback on your work after each assignment. 

We want to help you, to grow to your full potential. No matter if you work in technical marketing, finance or in R&D, you will attend different trainings. How about a project management training, an advanced excel class, or a course for GaN- technology? In addition you will do trainings for intercultural communication or teambuilding exercises at conferences.

At the start of each assignment a buddy will guide your way and share his/her knowledge to guarantee a great start. 

No later than after your third assignment, one of our top managers will act as a mentor to help with your long- term career plan - even after the program is finished.

There is a lot to explore at Infineon: During your time as a trainee you will visit different sites and of course our clean rooms, where our chips are produced. These are truly extraordinary: Not everybody has this! You can experience all of this at the global IGP conferences- which alone is a reason to attend. 

Especially in your daily tasks, projects and to- dos you can show off your superpowers. As a superhero you know that, the raisins in your muesli are yummy and tasty but you have to eat the oats to have energy for the day. 

With an international team you can use your superpower to reach perfection in challenging projects with issues form different divisions, no matter if it will be one project for the whole journey or different projects will come your way.