Infineon global startup co-innovation program

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We are a leading provider of innovative products with a focus on the key trends energy efficiency, mobility, security, IoT and big data. Innovation and partnerships are part of Infineon’s DNA. We walk the talk – together with startups we drive tomorrow’s solutions.

Become part of Infineon's global startup co-innovation program and benefit from Infineon as your customer, supplier or business partner on your side. 



Why cooperate with Infineon

Turn your idea into reality

Get access to our cutting-edge technology and solutions and benefit from free samples, evaluation boards, tech advice and more.

Benefit from networking & mentoring

We will connect you with important decision makers and mentors. Present your solution e.g. in Munich, Silicon Valley or Singapore at our customer events.

Accelerate your business

Infineon becomes a reliable and well-known partner at your side, be it as one of your customers, a supplier, a development or a go-to-market partner.

The process of starting a cooperation

We aspire to partner with startups in the following areas:

Do you work in one of the areas below? We are also curious about other innovative ideas and solutions relevant for Infineon! Get in contact with us: send us an email or apply now.

Hardware based solutions

We develop best-in-class semiconductor solutions. We seek startups that develop new hardware products that can leverage the unique capabilities of our products.

Criteria: startups in early stage, prototyping phase, pre-revenue phase or higher maturity

Semiconductor technologies

Barely visible, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Together with innovative startups we explore the next generation of semiconductors. 

Criteria: startups in early stage, prototyping phase, pre-revenue phase or higher maturity

Advanced productivity

Infineon has a global network of semiconductor fabs and a complex supply chain. Mature startups with a market ready solution that improve our operations are in focus.

Criteria: high maturity, Team Size > 30 employees, First corporate customer, generating product revenues 

Embedded software

Smart devices leverage an optimized combination of hard- & software. We seek startups that develop software which, combined with our products, enable new features.

Criteria: generating product revenues

Impressions of the Startup Night 2023 @ Infineon

What a Startup Night 2023! ​​​​​The sixth Startup Night was a great success. During the first part of the evening, Chief Executive Officer Jochen Hanebeck joined GaN Systems CEO to discuss in a vibrant panel Startups as drivers to accelerate innovation at corporates. This was followed by pitches from the six participating startups, one of which won the coveted "Best Pitch" award.

Our global network - The startup ecosystem is global, so are we!

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